Holla at Peyton

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It is no secret that I am a Peyton Williams Manning fanatic.

He belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of QB’s and can do no wrong in my eyes unless he endores Donald Trump for President.

I have been sitting here working on this blog for a while. I have a lot written but I have decided it is not worth sharing. Not because I did not like what I had to say but because even with his decline, Peyton proved to everyone watching last night that he is still the Sheriff in this town. What else needs to be said?

By the way, that two minute drill clinic Peyton put on nearly brought a tear to my eye. That was beautiful.

2 and OH. Holla at Peyton and his 70,000 passing yards(eclipsed the plateau last night) when you see him in the streets.


{Source: ESPN}

{Source: ESPN}


He's coming for that #1 spot! {Source: Google Images}

He’s coming for that #1 spot!
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I decided yesterday morning that I could not do it. I was too loyal. Too passionate. And too dedicated to go through with it.

I will NOT boycott my San Francisco 49ers this season.

You probably assume that was an easy decision. Nope. Not at all. 

Months ago, I wrote about the disgust and disdain I felt for the front office as I watched them completely gut our team, starting with the head coach. The majority of the decision made absolutely no sense to me. I know. I know. It is business but some business moves make no sense. You know your team is doing the most when they trade your punter. YOUR PUNTER!!

But I have been part of the Faithful too long to put us on pause now. If I can survive those years in the first decade in this millinniem then I can weather this storm.

Last night, I was impressed. I liked what I saw. The O-line looked more cohesive. The offense looked more in sync. And the defense looked like they had tapped into the relentless pursuit of the 49ers D from a few years ago. Oh and two words, Carlos Hyde. That is all I need to say.

We looked good but I am still skeptical. Minnesota is by no means, in my mind, one of the elite teams in the league. Time will tell if we are playoff contenders or not. 

Til then, I will bask in the glow of this win and search for a new 9ers tshirt online. I think they should send me one for my loyalty.


Until next time…TOODELLS.


P.S. To the media: please Frank Gore’s name out of the conversation when talking about Carlos Hyde. Hyde cannot replace Gore. Gore’s dedication to this franchise goes way beyond what he did on the field. He will always be one of the greatest 9ers to put on the red and gold. Now Hyde, gets his chance to began carving out his own legacy. That is all.

I was not sure I would ever see this again.

But here we are. Again. Venus vs. Serena playing against each other in a US Open match.

Primetime television at its best.

I was asked this weekend who I thought was the better player. It is easy to say Serena and why would you not pick her? But I stopped to think about it. Venus was dominate early in her career but was plagued by injuries. Serena, not as dominant, has found her stride in her early 30’s and is poised to complete the first calendar slam since 1988. I know the choice is clear but I stopped to examine them for a moment. Both have their strengths. Their serves are second to none. Venus is stronger at the net while Serena knows how to completely smother a second serve. I see more power in Serena while Venus tends to be more precise in her decisions. Both know how to dig deep to pull out a win but it will be interesting to see if Venus holds back simply because of what is at stake.

Either way, I will be watching and pulling for a Williams to win! Tune in at 7:00 and #WitnessGreatness.


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{Source: Google Images}

{Source: Google Images}

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Today is a big day. A happy day! And I need some happy after yesterday.

Kassie Nette’s Korner is THREE YEARS YOUNG today. Whoop whoooop! This is also my 200th post!

When I started this blog three years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew I wanted to create a platform for myself to talk about sports whenever I wanted to talk about them. I had been told over and over I should be on tv or on the radio talking about sports. That sounded cool but I found myself not really willing to pursue the opportunities. In the midst of being unemployed, I was not feeling very confident in my abilities. I had been told no so much that it seemed to be all I knew.

I have always been a fighter and a go-getter so I struggled, mightily, between keeping myself motivated to press forward and self- pity. Self pity was not me though so I made up in my mind that I would quit allowing the doubts of others to dictate what I could do. As I changed my mindset, I began to focus on what I was good at. I knew I was knowledgeable about sports and I knew I could talk about them. I also knew that finding a platform that might allow me to do this might take a while and just like that The Korner was born.

The Korner was born out of a need. Or should I say needs? My need to, yep, talk about sports but also my need to write. The latter being a need I was not aware of. I credit The Korner with uncovering my gift of writing. You may find this hard to believe but until I started this blog, I had no idea that this was something I was born to do. I grew up writing in my diary. I wrote for my high school newspaper. And every now and then I would get excited about a paper I had to write for class. Other than that, I rarely wrote. 

For three years, this space has allowed me to be me. It has allowed me to express my views, share my knowledge and ultimately, hone my writing skills. This space has also given me the opportunity to expand beyond the world of sports. I have blogged about The Oscars, concerts, Nelson Mandela, domestic violence and the inequalities in our country. I have been able to freely discuss issues that matter to me and engage in dialogue that has challenged me to look deeper beyond the surface.

In just a short amount of time, The Korner has become bigger than I ever dreamed it to be. It has become an extension of me. Whenever I have found myself in a rut where either I could not seem to create time to write or I did not feel like writing, I reminded myself of why I started this blog in the first place-I was born to do this. 

I am forever grateful and thankful for the determination my blog continues to provide me with. I have taken that same determination and channeled it into other areas and projects in my life. No longer do I have this desire to wait on the opportunity. I now desire to create my own even if I have to fight a million obstacles to turn it into a reality.

I am excited about whats to come for Kassie Nette’s Korner. I have been toying around with some ideas and I am eager to test a few out. Thank you to each and everyone of you who takes time out of their schedule to read my thoughts, share and/or comment. I appreciate you. Cheers to year #3! Lets go #4!!!


People are sick….

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I do not want to keep writing stories like this.

I like to stay in my happy place.

But the compassion that wells up inside of me will not let that happen.

Two days ago, I was hurting over the fact that black lives do not seem to matter to some people. Today, I am hurting over the fact that gun violence, scratch that violence, is out of control.

But we already knew that.

As the details continue to come out about the shooting that took place this morning in Virginia, I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate. Much like the many names that have become hashtags over the years through the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Alison Parker and Adam Ward woke up oblivious to what this day would entail.

The story is a sick and twisted one. And I would not dare give the murderer the satisfaction of inserting his name into my blog. But what happens in Virginia can happen anywhere and that is scary. What is even scarier is the fact that shootings in public places seem to be the norm now.

That is a problem.

A huge one! There are countless mass murders that happen almost daily that never make the national news. Evil seems to be taking over and driving out good.

As I type, I wonder how much of what has taken place is driven by our desires to always be in the know. We like to say people are getting meaner and meaner. When in actuality, people have been mean for decades. However, a lot of them did not have a platform available to share their sadistic minds. When I was growing up, it could be days before you heard about the latest unbelievable act of violence.

Enter social media.

The place where people share videos of girls being gang raped, dead bodies lying in the road and videos of murders. The place where people hide behind a persona, pedophiles seek potential victims and soon to be murderers sit back and watch how their fellow comrades actions have dominated media throughput the day.

#WDBJ will trend in the top 10 all day, as it should. However, I was once again disappointed to see people sharing footage of the actual act of violence. Anyone who shared it is sick. There is no reasonable reason for sharing the video of someone’s fiance, daughter, son, brother, colleague, friend, etc. being murdered in cold blood. NO REASONABLE REASON.

A culture has been created where, no murdering is not ok, but if you post it will be retweeted or shared just so people can inform you of how disgusted they are.

I understand that some people are not as bothered by these actions as I am. Very puzzling to me but to each his own. None of us should want to give these perpetrators a platform. They do not deserve that at all.

I am by no means saying that if people stop sharing these types of things on social media, we will see an decrease in these acts of violence. But hey, it is worth a try, right?

Oh and to anyone who wants to start in with this white people should riot and protest because their lives matter, miss me with that. You missed the point of the movement a long time ago.

I can only hope that going forward we are all more conscious regarding what we share, retweet and praise on our social platforms. The next killer is watching.

I can only hope that maybe this will be the day where our lawmakers take off the blinders and take a serious look at our gun culture.

I can only hope that we can find a way to allow more love to reign supreme and drive out the hate that has permeated so many.

I can only remain hopeful even when it is understandable if I did not.


Rest in peace, Alison Parker.
Rest in peace, Adam Ward.

Praying for all their loved ones, colleagues & journalists every where.

I have got to tighten up! Y’all know I am not a fan of preseason football. I mean I know it is great and all to see the second string and potential stars get some shine. But I like the real thing. I have not watched a preseason game all month.

So I guess my first paragraph is not a surprise but the fact that I have not created a fantasy league or joined one is making me scratch my head. Like what am I doing with my life? I know I have a lot going on but this is ridiculous.

Soooooo if you have a fantasy league and you still need players, hit me up! Smashmouth running all up and through your league.

I am so tired of this.

I could cry a river right now.

First, it is breaking news that the jury in the Randall Kerrick trial is deadlocked and is seeking advice from the judge. Defense wants the judge to declare a mistrial. State wants the Allen charge enacted which encourages the jury to continue deliberating to reach a decision. Then there is breaking news that Mansur Bell-Bay, the black teenager that was killed in St. Louis on Wednesday, died from a gunshot wound to the back. Supposedly, he pointed a gun at officers. However, the only “witnesses” that saw this gun were the officers. All other witnesses said the did not have a gun.

I am dumbfounded over the fact that there are people on the jury of the Kerrick trial who actually think firing 12 bullets at an unarmed man is not excessive. Mind you, at least six of these bullets were fired AFTER Jonathan Ferrell, the victim; a black man, of course, was on the ground.

This hurts. And I want it to stop but I am not sure it ever will. Every trial, every case, I hold out hope. Just praying that this is the one time our lives really do matter. That there will be people who look at the black life that was taken and say no this is not right. Not simply because the person is black but because it is not right. A law was broken and those who broke it should be held responsible.

I am frustrated. I am hurt. I am sad. I am angry. I am scared. I am so tired of this.

But I do not know how to make it stop? How can I change these narratives? What can I do that will really make a difference? Probably the question I really need to ask is will it matter? Will it matter if I protest? Will it matter if I sit down and have conversations about officers using excessive force? Will it matter if I call out those who somehow always find a way to justify these wrong actions?

As a sister, aunt, cousin and friend, I pray constantly for my brothers, nephews, cousins and friends. I know these people. Very well. I have known most of them my entire life. I love them. They are my support system. They make me laugh. They make me smile. They keep me encouraged. They go above and beyond for those they know and love. And even for those they do not know. They have families. They have dreams. They have people who depend on them. They are law abiding citizens. They are people who would give their life for me.

Yet, none of this may matter if they ever cross paths with an officer who sees them as nothing more than a “threat” who must be eliminated that day. That scares me.

I try not to think about it but it is hard. Very hard. I am sure Eric Garner did not wake up preparing to die that fateful day last summer. Nor did Freddie Gray. Or Tamir Rice. Or Michael Brown. Or Sam DuBose. Or Jordan Davis. Or Trayvon Martin. Or Oscar Grant. Or Mansur Bell-Bay. Or Jonathan Ferrell. Or Rakia Gray. Or Sandra Bland.

None of them got what they deserved.

But Dylan Roof got a Burger King Value Meal. And Darren Wilson got to go home. And George Zimmerman got to open a shop and sale confederate paraphenalia.

And Randall Kerrick just went home knowing he probably will not be tried again for killing an unarmed black man who had just gotten into a wreck and was seeking help.

I just want to it stop because I am tired of crying.


This. Is. Ridiculous.

I have been very busy lately with a lot of projects. As a result, I have been fairly absent from the blog. I apologize. It was not intentional but I am back. And I am back with a vengeance.

Ya’ll I am so annoyed, disappointed and frustrated with the San Francisco 49ers organization. How do we go from being a yard away from a 6th Super Bowl ring to being so out of sorts, order and everything else that we just might be the laughing stock of the league right now? Really, the 9ers? The laughing stock of the league? Let that sink in.

I did not think it could get much worse than the grand exodus that began in winter. Patrick Willis, gone. Frank Gore, gone. Mike Iupati, gone. To a division rival. Anthony Davis, gone. Chris Borland, gone, Justin Smith, “Cowboy” gone. Michael Crabtree, gone. Perish Cox, gone. Chris Culliver, gone.  Jim Harbaugh, “Khaki” gone. And now Aldon Smith, arrested. Again.

Someone please make it stop. For all of the “Faithful” this is like a never ending nightmare. What we once knew just a couple of years ago, shoot I will even say last year because I expect that team to be better than this year’s, is no more. The burning question is why? You will never be able to convince me that this is all coincidence. Something is up. I am not implying that it is anything illegal or against the rules but you do not have that much star power exiting one of the leagues premier organizations without there being a reason. And saying its just business is not the reason.

My thoughts? We all know my feelings about Jed York and Trent Baalke. I think my mama and I could do a better job at running the front office. We know that Baalke allowed his personal feelings to dictate his handling of Harbaugh. He forced out the person who was able to expand upon the foundation that former head coach Mike Singletary built. Once that happened, I knew he needed to relinquish his duties.

For whatever reason, it seems as if the front office wants to rebuild this organization which is baffling. You already had something great working that had more years left in it but you cause division which in turn causes as exodus. I do not get it. And I am seriously considering placing myself on a one year ban from all things San Francisco 49ers related.

Not sure how much more I can take.


P.S. Smith has been cut by the 9ers. If I recall correctly,this is the only time within the past year that I actually agree with a personnel decision. I pray Smith can turn his life around. He needs some help.


Two words, five syllables…Serena Williams.

I could go in on all the naysayers. I could go in on all the social media trolls who made it a point Saturday to claim Serena had an unfair advantage due to her size. I could go in on all those who refuse to recognize her greatness.

But then I would be stooping to their level and I am already short enough. So I’m going to just leave this here.

{Source: ESPNW}

{Source: ESPNW}

Whether you want to recognize it or not, greatness is here to stay.

Well, well. Here we go again. 

Domestic violence is in the news again. Or should I say the word assault is in the news again.

De’Andre Johnson is today’s poster boy for what happens if you put your hands on a female. The former Mr. Florida is all over the internet, particularly social media, after a video was released of him assaulting a female at a bar. Oh, but it is not that simple. This is not an open and shut case If you have not watched the video, please do. 

I have watched this video over and over and over. Here is what I saw. Johnson was trying to get through the crowd to the bar. As he begins to approach the bar, his actions lead me to believe he is saying excuse me to the female on his left. As he moves pass her, he bumps into the female on his right. Happens all the time in crowded spaces. It works my nerves especially when people do not say excuse me but it happens. No harm. No foul unless you almost knock me down. After the bump, the female is seen sliding to her left in an effort to block Johnson from getting to the bar. As she does this, she is seen looking over her shoulder exchanging words with him. The exchange heats up as she turns around and presses her left forearm against his chest. Johnson is then seem grabbing her left arm and then her right as she has now raised a balled fist into the air. Words are being exchanged as Johnson is seen seemingly trying to create  some space between them. This does not work as the female then lifts her right leg and knees/kicks Johnson in between his legs. She follows up her action with a punch to Johnson’s face which is met with a furious return punch to her face by Johnson. Johnson then walks away as her “friends” rush to her rescue.

As of today, Johnson has been charged and has been dismissed from Florida State’s football team. The female who threw the first punch is still enrolled at the university.

Yeah, so about that. She hits him, FIRST. He retaliates, gets arrested and gets thrown out of school. And she gets to sit up in economics class playing victim? See. This is the part of the problem. This is what I was screaming last year. This is the DOUBLE STANDARD.

All day yesterday there were debates going on via social media about whether or not Johnson should have punched the female. There were many who stuck to their “a man should never hit a woman” guns and there were many who stuck to their “if you dish it, you better be able to take it” guns. I fall in the latter. 

As a woman, if you are going to be bold enough to lay hands on a man then do not run screaming and hollering when he does the same. Yes, for the sake of not being arrested, possible jail time and a record that could haunt you for the rest of your life, I wish it was always easy for men to walk away when being assaulted by a woman. That is not reality though. And in this day and age with the internet increasingly teaching our youth more than the parents are the chances of a woman being hit if she hits a man first have greatly increased.

Johnson was wrong. And so was she. In my opinion, she was the aggressor. Having been in environments such as the one they were in, I have seen men place their hands on women in an effort to diffuse the situation. It is a natural reaction for some men. In this case, it seemed like a natural reaction to keep the situation from getting out of hand. Could he have walked away? Sure. Could she have not pushed him, raised her fist and kneed him between his legs? Absolutely. If anything, she should be issuing an apology tomorrow for her part in the front page headline while packing up her dorm room at FSU. 

But we know that is not going to happen because when it comes to assault and domestic violence a man is ALWAYS going to be the one getting fingers pointed at him, regardless of what transpired. The man will ALWAYS be scrutinized for his actions, regardless of what transpired. The man will ALWAYS be expected to rise above the attacks and insults, regardless of what transpired. Just ask Ray Rice.

Or ask Hope Solo, our newly crowned World Cup winning goalie, who was arrested on domestic violence charges last year. She still has a job?! Or ask Brittney Griner. Or Glory Johnson. Or countless other women who have unleashed vicious domestic assaults and still found themselves employed, supported and idolized. We barely heard any mention of our beloved female athletes transgressions. It is almost as if it did not happen. As quickly as the news appeared in our social media feeds, it disappeared again. Swept up under that DOUBLE STANDARD rug.

And what I found to be very comical during all of this is the statement by FSU’s President, John Thrasher who was quoted as saying “I expect all students at Florida State University, including student-athletes, to adhere to the highest level of conduct. I have no tolerance for the kind of behavior exhibited in this case.” If he considers the actions of the female to constitute operating at the highest level then a} their highest level of conduct is pretty low or b} their highest level of conduct is pretty low.

If we as a society are going to be serious about domestic violence and assaults, then we need to be fair on both sides. Instead of screaming, “a man should never hit a woman,” lets scream “everybody keep your hands to yourself.” There is no way I should get a pass just because my chromosomes are different. No way. I am strong and can throw a mean right hand but at the risk of possibly losing some teeth? I think I’ll pass. Plus I am not trying to end up like the female who was on the receiving end of Johnson’s comeback punch, dazed and confused with a ferocious headache.

Well, it has been a while.

There has been a lot that I have wanted to write about. I honestly just have not made the time to blog.

With all the division taking place in the US, it was great to finally be able to “come together” and get on one accord for a change. Huge thank you to the US Women’s National Soccer Team. If you missed it, the ladies brought the World Cup Championship back home.

For weeks, the news has been full of talk about the murder of nine innocent, black men and women in Charleston, what the Confederate Flag does and doesn’t stand for and debates over same-sex marriage. I have my opinions on all three topics and do not mind sharing them. However, I will write about them if and when the urge comes.

Back to soccer. I woke up Sunday morning excited! As a woman, I am always thrilled to see women dominate and gel for a common goal. I had watched previous US matches in the World Cup and knew the US women were playing some of their best ball as of late. I could not wait until 6 to see them play. Well, 6:00 came and I was not home. I soon found out the game had not started. Great! I would be home in time. Wrong. I was visiting an older lady whom I love and admire dearly. As always when I visit her, I lose track of time. The beauty of being engulfed in thought provoking conversations. As I headed to my car, I was carrying on a conversation with her son who happened to mention that we were up 4-1. Her son often “pulls my leg” so I thought he was exaggerating. Until I arrived home and turned on the TV. We were kicking tails and taking name after name after name.

What I thought would be a nail biter turned into a bet of how many times Carli Lloyd would score. The minutes began to give way to seconds as Lloyd transferred her captain’s armband to Kassie favorite, Abby Wambach. With a ultimate goal realized, Wambach began a jubilant celebration that is still being heard around the world.

The internet rejoiced. Patriotism was on an adrenaline rush. And 23 women from multiple walks of life celebrated a feat that had not been accomplished in 16 years.

It felt nice to be on one accord for a change. Thank you ladies for giving us something we could all cheer about, together.

{Source: Google Images}

{Source: Google Images}


This post is probably not a surprise to most. It is probably more of a surprise that I am just now writing about it.

Yesterday, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill released the Notice of Allegations that was sent to them on May 22. The report was a redacted version but what was released was damaging. We found out what many, including myself, have been saying for years-there is some shady business happening in that athletic department.

Now before you get your t-shirts all in a bunch, please do not come at me with this whole I am only saying this because it is UNC-CH mess. The rivalry between my alma mater and this school has absolutely nothing to do with my stance regarding this situation. Contrary to what you may believe, I have a great deal of respect for this university as a whole. To some extent. Let me rephrase. I have a great deal of respect for those who work at the university and are not a part of this scandal. The ones who do their job the right way on a daily basis. I have a great deal of respect for my family, friends and colleagues who are graduates of this university; the ones who did things the right way. However, the allegations that keep spilling out of the hallowed walls of the buildings in Chapel Hill are disturbing, damaging and sickening.

I am not going to go all into the details of the report. You can read that for yourself. What I want to focus on is what has disturbed me the most about this whole ordeal-the fact that there are people who try and justify what has been taking place. Almost every day I read on social media or on a message board about how the allegations are not that bad or I see my favorite excuse, “everyone is doing it.” That is where you are wrong. Everyone is not doing it. Everyone does not have a whole fake class system set up through their athletic department. Granted, the African-American Studies Department is a legit department at UNC-CH, but for 18 years this department played a significant role in “enrolling” students in classes that never met or only got together once to turn in a paper.

What is even more disturbing is the amount of people that knew all of this was happening and they either a) did nothing about it or b) were a part of the problem. You see I have issues with coaches who enter into the homes of parents who are willing to entrust them with their child’s collegiate athletic and most importantly, academic career with intentions of only ensuring they remain eligible to exceed on the field. I have an even bigger issue with the fact that the a lot of these athletes come from situations where attending college on their athletic prowess is the only way they will ever get a college education. They are then used as pawns in this big game of chess. I also have issues with parents who see these types of things happening but do not speak up for their children for fear of backlash or the possibility of lessening their dream to play professionally.

There is no doubt in my mind that UNC-CH is not the only school that violating rules. I know there are other schools out there that are offering some type of impermissible assistance to help their student-athletes main their eligibility. Who knows if it is as wide scale as this one but I hope they get caught as well.  However, at this very moment the spotlight is on UNC-CH and the NCAA has an opportunity to either a) take it easy on one of their cash cows or b) make an example out of them for not upholding the very morals they stress as the “Carolina Way.” And if you expect me to believe that coaches who were involved with the athletic programs in question had no knowledge of what was going on then I guess you expect me to believe nobody knows that happened to that Malaysian airplane.

Do I have a lot of faith in the NCAA? Of course not. Have you not paid attention to the inconsistency of their punishments over the years? The only thing consistent about the NCAA is their inconsistency. That coupled with the fact that this investigation has been going on for five years leads me to believe the NCAA will be lenient with their punishment. But they could prove me wrong.

Either way it goes, this whole thing is ridiculous. The reason this type of culture is so prevalent is because the NCAA is a mess itself. Collegiate athletics is very political, money driven and on a daily basis it allows programs to operate in a manner that stresses the importance of athletics over academics. At least on some campuses.

For now, I will just sit back and wait for the ruling. Should be interesting. I just hope their ruling does not prove me right. Oh, wait. Too late.


Until next time…TOODELLS.


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Hey ya’ll!! It has been a while, huh? Sorry I have been celebrating my birfday all last month. No really, I have been celebrating my birfday(with an f).

I am back though and just in time to give my thoughts on a few things…


That fight was terrible. Borrrring. I did not expect Manny to win although that is what I was hoping for. I knew he would have to bring hs best Zumba moves if he was going to keep up with Mayweather. 

Is anyone really surprised at this debacle? The oly thing surprising was that Sepp Blatter was re-elected. Well that may not be so surprising either. And now he has resigned.

ESPN First Take
I called myself watching this a couple of times last month. I am so over this show. Between Stephen A. constantly clearing his throat and Skip constantly beating on the desk, I am constantly rolling my eyes. I wish I had time to watch His & Hers and Highly Questionable daily.

NBA Playoffs
That Spurs-Clippers series. Maaaaan. One of the best ever! Finals are up next and my money is on Chef Curry(with the pot).

Stanley Cup Playoffs
I know a lot of you do not watch hockey. Playoff hockey is so exciting! Although the conference finals Game 7’s were not. Talk about sleepers. 

Charlie Weiss
I need his agent! That is all.

Josh Hamilton
I cannot tell you how happy I am that he is back home in Texas. The childlike joy he displayed over hitting a walk off double last week brought the biggest smile to my face. I am happily wearing my Hamilton baseball seam bracelet again.

Wolfpack Baseball
I still cannot believe we gave a seven run lead in the eighth inning. This one is gonna leave a salty taste in my mouth for a while. I still love my Pack!

Look & Listen Podcast
I did my first podcast with my homey, Leonard. Check out all the fun at http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/look-and-listen-podcast/e/play-it-up-at-kassie-nettes-korner-37600991?autoplay=true  Be sure to visit http://www.lbothersmedia.com to see what all Leonard is up to. 

Cam Newton
He got paid! Now lets see what he does on the field.


I know I have missed a lot but that is all I have for now but stay tuned. I am working on something gooood.


Until next time…TOODELLS.


I want my money back! Ok, I want my brother to get his money back.

The “Fight of the Century” was anything but that. It was more like a dance off.

But let me back up. We, the die hard sports fans, have been waiting five years for this fight. We sat and watched as folks on both sides of the aisle bickered about money, drug testing and how their opponent utilized their free time. Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. It was finally happening! Years of back and forth finally culminated in people all across the world tuning in to watch what we all hoped would be one of the best fights ever.

Welp. So much for hopes. I cannot recall the last time I was so bored watching a boxing match. Oh yes I can. It was the last time I watched Floyd Mayweather fight.

I have heard it all before about how Mayweather is this great fighter and is now self proclaiming to be the best ever. Oh stop. Dancing around the ring all night does not make you the best ever…


You know what. I am not even interested in continuing this post. I could sit here and defend why I think Mayweather(and yes I do give him props for being one of the sports greatest is boring to watch but I do not even feel like doing that anymore. Plus I am hungry.



Until next time…TOODELLS.


P.S. Mayweather won. I cannot condone that nonsense Pacquiao was talking.

{Source: Google Images}

{Source: Google Images}


I have a confession. 

I have not been feeling very “sportsy” lately. 

What does that mean exactly? Well, my life often revolves around sports. I have been known rearrange activities or even skip them because “the game” is coming on. I watch SportsCenter daily. I read ESPN.com daily to stay abreast on the latest happenings. And I answer at least one question a day from someone regarding something sports related.

But lately, I have found myself oblivious to lots of things that are going on in the sporting world. I am not quite sure who is still in the NBA playoffs. I know San Antonio and the Clippers of LA are still in it. It is the one series I have been watching. Go Spurs Go!! Oh and I know the head of social media for the Houston Rockets lost his job because of a dumb tweet. What was that guy thinking? When the playoffs started, I had no clue that the Atlanta Hawks were the number one seed in the East. How did that happen? When did they become contenders? Who plays for them? Did the Human Highlight Film come back and suit up? Do they even have a star? Is Elton Brand still there? Talk about clueless.

Then there is the Stanley Cup playoffs. Now I am a woman who loves some playoff hockey. The intensity that shows up in the playoffs is second to none. I love it. I love it. I love it. But I do not know who is still playing. I have yet to watch a playoff game. I do not even know when the next game is. What is going on here?

Then there is the NFL Draft. Unless you are new to my blog then you know that football is my favorite sport and I am fully engulfed in the sport. The NFL Draft is tonight. Assuming nothing has changed, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are still expected to go one-two, respectively. If anything has changed, I would not know because just like the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs, I have not been keeping up with this either. Yikes.

Then there is what is being dubbed as the biggest fight since Thrilla in Manilla, the fight we have been waiting years for, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. Most of the talking heads expect Mayweather to win. I for one am cheering for Pacquiao. Since I am not feeling sportsy I do not feel like breaking down why I am cheering for him and why I think he will win. Just know, it is Go Pac Man over here!

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend. Baseball is in full swing. Maaaaan. I do not even know who is leading the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. I just Googled it. Kevin Harvick is. What else is going on? What else have I missed?

This is a weird place for me. Now you all know why I have not had much to say. No worries though, it will not last long. Sometimes you have to make certain adjustments in life and lately I have had other endeavors that I have needed to focus my time and attention on. Although I may not be as in tune as I typically am, I am always in the know. Plus you all are depending on me to keep you abreast of the latest happenings, right? Guess I better step my game back up, huh?

I gotcha.


Until next time…TOODELLS.

I went to bed early Wednesday night and I wish I had not. I mean I needed to be at work early the next morning. Since I am not a morning person, regardless of how much sleep I get, I knew I needed to go ahead and get some shut eye.

I was watching the end of the second quarter between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers. It was a tight game that could either way. However, what was most intriguing about the game was the immortal Tim Duncan. Timmy was being Timmy. In the first half, he was seven of eight from the floor for 16 points. He was tossing in floaters, posting up one the the league’s best defenders, DeAndre Jordan, and he was creating space to allow his teammates to knock down easy baskets.

For some reason, the Twitterverse was shocked. I was more shocked to see Steve Blake still in the league playing for the Portland Trailblazers. There was absolutely nothing shocking about Timmy doing the same thing he has been doing for the past 17 years. Were people shocked because he will be 39 on Saturday? Were people shocked because he plays for the Spurs, a team many label as boring? Or were people simply shocked because it was Tim Duncan.

Those people made me laugh. If it was Kobe Bryant or LeBron James or Kevin Durant, shock would be the furthest thing from their mind. Newsflash, ain’t nobody doing what Timmy has done for as long as he has done it. The man is immortal. He barely ages. His energy level has barely diminished. And after watching him play last night, I am convinced that he is capable of catching up with Michael Jordan this year in the rings department.

For 17 years we have been witnessing greatness and we better embrace it while he is still dishing it out. He has stayed true to himself since he raced up and down he courts at Wake Forest. He will not draw you in with his cockiness. He has none. He will not draw you in with his outward display of emotion. It is rare that you see it. He will not wow you at a press conference. He is not a many of many words. Where he will wow you is on the court. Watching him play makes me smile. His fundamentals are some of the purest I have ever seen.

Often, I do not hear Timmy’s name mentioned in the top 5 category. Let me tell you this, Tim Duncan is one of the five greatest players to ever step onto an NBA court. Want to debate it? Come on. I have plenty of facts to back it up. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the Timmy show! #GoSpursGo


{Image: ESPN}

{Image: ESPN}




Not again?

Please do not tell me it happened, AGAIN!!!

Another black man. DEAD. Another white cop. SHOOTER.

I am so tired of crying. I am so sick of these stories. I am starting to become numb.

How many more black males have to become a #hashtag before we see some real change?

This story. I cannot even bring myself to read about it. All that I know about the story I have learned from Twitter. And I still do not know the whole story. Nor do I want to. All I know is that Walter Scott was black. Michael Slager is white. Walter Scott is dead. Michael Slager killed him. Walter Scott was running for his life. Michael Slager fired fatal shots from behind. I have heard that Michael Slager said Walter Scott tried to take his taser. I have heard there is video of Michael Slager attempting to plant the taser beside Walter Scott. I have no idea why or how Walter Scott and Michael Slager came into contact. I have no idea how this incident started. But I know how it ended. Another black man, dead and the culprit is one who took an oath to protect and serve.

It is not that I do not care. I do. I just do not want to know what happened and I definitely do not want to see it. As a writer, I am very visual and it is hard for me to shake certain images sometimes especially images that are disturbing. I know enough. My mind knows enough and I am doing all that I can to prevent the image of Walter Scott running and falling as bullets pierce his body from running rampant in my head.

As much as I want to avoid the talk of it, I know I cannot. I have got to do something. I want to do something. But I do not know what to do. Sure, I can organize a protest. I can organize a roundtable discussion. I can stir the pot. But will any of this be effective? We have been protesting, discussing and stirring since 1991 when Rodney King was beaten like a rag doll.

I am frustrated because I do not know what to do. By nature, I am a fixer. I try to fix everything. Weary minds, broken hearts, unhealthy bodies, wayward children, difficult relationships, reduced bank accounts. You name it. I have probably tried to fix it. But I do not know how to fix this. Seriously, how do you get a percentage of white cops to stop using a percentage of young black boys and men as target practice? HOW? What is the solution?

I do not know.

Last year I wrote about how I have NEVER been afraid of the cops(http://kassienetteskorner.com/2014/08/14/i-have-never-been-afraid-of-the-police/) until now. In August, I was struggling. My feelings were all over the place. I was up. I was down. I was sad. I was mad. I was disappointed. I was hopeful. The one thing that was consistent was that I was disturbed. It was too much then and it is too much now.

As I am typing this, a thought came to mind. It is going to take cops stepping up to the plate saying enough is enough to see some real change. I get the “fraternity” of the profession but wrong is wrong and it is time for those who serve us to say this. I really believe the key is police policing the police but that must be done by police who are fully committed to the oath they take.

For now that is all I have but trust that even if I am not “saying” anything about these incidents, my wheels are always churning. I have never been one to just sit around and do nothing. And I am not about to start now. Even if I do not know what to do. All I know is that me doing nothing is not helping the situation. You sitting around not doing anything is not helping either. It is time for us all to step up to the plate. Our black males NEED us. ALL OF US.



Rest in Peace Walter Scott.


Walter Scott

Nuff said.

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{Source: Google Images}

{Source: Devon Still's IG}

{Source: Devon Still’s IG}


I had a Jimmy V day today. I thought. I laughed. And I cried.

Happy tears.

A little girl and her family received some wonderful news today. Remember the story I wrote a few months ago about Devon Still & his daughter, Leah(http://kassienetteskorner.com/2014/11/07/the-father-daughter-story-that-is-inspiring-millions/)? Well today, they received the news that Leah’s cancer is in remission!!! Thank you LORD! While scrolling through my Instagram, I saw that the NFL has re-posted Still’s image. After only reading the first two sentences, I immediately knew what the rest of the text would reveal. 

Every day so many people experience heartbreak due to this cruel disease. And it seems to overshadow all the stories of survival. So when anyone finds victory, on this side of the disease, I rejoice! That victory is often played out in public by adult figures. It is rare that we get to see someone as young as Leah give the disease a knockout punch. Yes, it happens daily and I hope we get to hear more stories such as hers.

If you have Instagram and you do not follow Devon Still, I encourage you to do so. In the midst of such a tumultuous time, his page was often filled with encouragement, fist bumps and laughter courtesy of Leah. While it would have been easy for them both to succumb to a state of despair, they allowed love to overtake them and it radiated out to the world. Through the battle, we were able to see the courage of a young warrior who gave it her all to ensure that she would celebrate many more birthdays. Her innocence shined brightly through her smile as she danced in her princess attire. And how could you not love her penguin sticker whom she affectionately named “Ice Cream?” 

I am so happy that Leah is on the road to recovery. And Leah if you happen to read this, thank you for inspiring millions of us grown folks to never, ever give up! You rock princess!! {Fist Bump}



Until next time…TOODELLS.



This picture sums up my feelings about my beloved San Francisco 49ers perfectly.

Well, it sums up exactly how I feel about our front office.

Rarely am I speechless but the past few weeks have left me with few words and a lot of head shaking. Let’s see, we have lost Frank Gore, Mike Iupati &  it looks like Michael Crabtree is next. Patrick Willis retired. Chris Borland shocked the world and retired at the age of 24. Justin Smith is rumored to retire. And please do not make me go back and talk about Jim Harbaugh’s departure. Yeah yeah, the retirements are not the front offices fault but it does not lessen the sting. Especially not when we have lost so much production in other areas.

It is going to take some time for me to get over losing Gore. Talk about stunned.

I really do not know what to make of my beloved 49ers right now. The team is almost urecognizable. Never in my life have I seen such an exodus. Sad thing is, the exodus is so unnecessary but tell that to management and I am sure you will probably get the same look I have been giving them. It is as if they want us to have to rebuild but why? We already had most of the pieces in place. Just needed to plug some holes.

Sadly, I wish I could say I am surprised that it has come to this. The writing has been on the wall. When the rumblings started about Harbaugh being “released” at the end of this past season, I knew we were dealing with some not so smart execs in the front office. I mean really? Who even entertains the notion of “releasing” a coach who has taken you to three straight NFC championships and was one play away from ring number 6?

It just makes no sense whatsoever. There is no logical explanation for this ridiculousness. Can we trade our president and GM? Just sayin.

Last Wednesday night I cried. And I prayed. And I asked God for comfort. But not for myself.

I was talking to him about Josh Hamilton.

If you have spent any significant time around me the last few years, then you know how much of a fan I am of my brother in Christ. The story popped up on my time line last Wednesday that Hamilton was meeting with Major League Baseball officials regarding a disciplinary issue. Despite his past, my first assumption was NOT that this was drug related. I did not know what to make of it. I just knew I needed to pray.

Then the story dropped, which has yet to be officially confirmed. Hamilton suffered a relapse. My heart sank. Supposedly the relapsed involved at least cocaine and alcohol. That is when the tears started. Hamilton’s “Beyond Belief” is one of my favorite books. A few years ago after reading Coach Tony Dungy’s “Quiet Strength” I became very intrigued with reading about the lives of others, particularly fellow believers in Christ. I was enamored and always floored by the paths some people had taken to get to where they are now or were. I was amazed to see how God weaved different situations into their lives to pull out the best results. Their stories were a sheer testament to the goodness of God and how He continues to watch over and protect us even we are causing destruction in our own lives.

What I loved so much about Hamilton’s book was his honesty. He was very open about his struggles. Hamilton started in detail from his childhood days growing up as a youngster who could throw and hit harder than most teenagers to the path that lead him to become engulfed in the drug culture. From the outside looking in, it was hard to see how this could happen. From the outside looking in, Hamilton had everything you needed to be successful: a two parent household, a loving family, great people skills and an enourmous amount of athletic talent that rivaled my other favorite baseball player, Ken Griffey, Jr.

None of that was enough to keep Hamilton from straying off the path that had been laid out for him by others. As many of you know, Hamilton became addicted to cocaine, struggled with alcohol consumption and was out of Major League Baseball for three years. It is a story that was well documented during my time at North Carolina State which is located in Hamilton’s hometown. The story soon turned from tragedy to triumph as Hamilton battled his demons to find himself back on the field and excelling at the sport he dominated in his youth.

Hamilton has never been one to shy away from sharing his story. He has continued to provide, in detail, what he has gone through and the only way he ever explains being able to overcome those demons is by simply saying, “It’s a God thing.”

So Wednesday night hurt. I do not have to know Hamilton to know that he has been living his life to genuinely please God. So Wednesday night hurt. I do not have to know Hamilton to draw inspiration from him. So Wednesday night hurt. I do not have to know Hamilton to know that for as hurt as I am, he probably feels a thousand times worse.

It is easy to sit around and chastise Hamilton but it takes a bigger person to not pass judgement. This is a guy who willingly went to the MLB officials and admitted his wrong doing. We all have things we struggle with. While it may not be drugs, it is something that can in turn be a “drug” for us. My heart goes out to Hamilton and I will continue to pray for his recovery. I am fully believing it will happen. The same God who pulled him out the last time can pull him out again.


Sooooo. I thought I posted this last week. Better late than never, huh?

This will not take long.

With his win last night, Tom Brady has now joined an elite group. He is only the third quarterback to win four Super Bowls as a starter. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are the others. With his win, the talk has now begun about whether or not Brady is the best ever.

I can answer that for you. NO.

I know. I know. I have heard it repeatedly. Brady has been to more Super Bowls. Montana had Rice. Brady played in the cold. Montana was one and done in the playoffs three straight years. Brady came off the bench to to replace Bledsoe. Montana was put on the bench for Steve Young. Yada yada yada.

Despite all of that, there is one fact you cannot dispute. Montana was undefeated in Super Bowls. He three 11 touchdowns and no interceptions. Yes, I know. Brady has done more with less. I will never dispute that. It speaks to his greatness but if you want me to believe Montana would not have been capable of doing the same thing with that type of talent then you will be waiting forever. Ya’ll do know Montana lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the AFC Championship game in 1993, right? Who were his wide receivers? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

I could go on and on and on but I feel no need to do that. My mind is made up. Joe Cool stands alone. Brady does make my top 5 though. Will that satisfy you naysayers?

NFL Conference Championship Sunday I found myself in a struggle. Here I was, a die-hard San Francisco 49ers Faithful contemplating doing the unthinkable-cheering for the rival Seattle Seahawks.

Ok, let me back up. That particular Sunday, I was actually cheering for the Green Bay Packers. As a Faithful, there was no way I could cheer for our rival even if they had only recently become that. A rival is a rival and I draw the line deep in the dirt when rivalries are involved. I cheered against Seattle in the Superbowl last year and I have cheered against them all season. It was the right thing to do.

That Sunday, I left the house in confidence. I had been spending some time with my nephew and it was time to take him home. I know what you are thinking. She left during the game? Yes I did but any real football fan will have the NFL Mobile app on their phone so they always have access to the game. However, this particular time I did not even bother to turn the game on so I could listen. Green Bay had a 12 point lead with about five minutes left, I think. I was confident they were going to win and I could celebrate Seattle watching the big game at home, like us. You know payback for last year’s NFC Championship game. You still do not want to get me started on that.

I got out of my car at my brother’s, left my phone inside and got my nephew’s belongings. After chatting inside for about 15 minutes, it was back to the car to tune in to Green Bay’s celebration of their win and return trip to the Superbowl. WRONG!! Surely my eyes were deceiving me. They had to be! I know the score did not say Green Bay 19-Seattle 22. Ummm, what? What happened?? I was shocked, stunned and beffuddled. How could this have possibly happened??

Two words. Two words I am very familiar with. Russell. Wilson.

Early in the second half, in an ominous moment of foreshadowing, I sent out a tweet. It said, “Packers bet not let up. Never count out Russell Wilson! #GBvsSEA.” You see. I knew what Wilson was capable of. I saw his capabilities up close and personal when he was the starting quarterback of my beloved North Carolina State University Wolfpack. There were games where our wins could single handedly be contributed to Wilson’s uncanny nack for making things happen on the field. As long as he was behind center, we had a chance. Always. When his path to the NFL took him from Raleigh to Wisconsin, it was the same thing over and over. Wilson making things happen when it almost seemed impossible to get it done. So never count him out.

My return trip from my brother’s house included a stop at the grocery store. This is where NFL Mobile is clutch. The stop was necessary and me watching the game was definite. So there I was, in the grocery store, with a basket and my phone tuned into the game. Yes, the actual game. I pretty much got nothing accomplished. I should have just went straight home. I was by the salads when it happened. The legend of Russell Wilson grew by miles. Green Bay had tied the game right before the end of regulation to send the NFC Championship into overtime. Seattle won the coin toss and could punch their ticket to the Superbowl if they scored a TD on their first possession. Well, yep, that is exactly what they did. Wilson dropped one of the prettiest dimes I have seen him thrown perfectly into the waiting arms and hands of Jerome Kearse who then landed in the endzone to give Seattle a chance at being the first repeat champions since 2004.

Again, I was shocked, stunned and befuddled. How could this be? What happened? Oh, Russell Wilson happened. As I surprisingly rushed out of the store to get home and watch post-game coverage, all I could do was shake my head. Then it happened. En route, I found out that Wilson cried during his post game interview while giving God the credit. And everything over here changed.

I could no longer fight the love I have for my fellow Wolfpacker. Everyone who knows me well knows I am all the way loyal to my Wolfpack. However, when it comes to professional football, my loyalties lie with my teams first, Peyton Manning second then my Wolfpackers third. Sometimes, I will pull for my fellow Wolfpackers when they are playing against Peyton if the win is needed to help boost their possible playoff appearance. No matter what though, I pull for no one over my 9ers or Panthers. So imagine the disloyalty I felt to my 9ers when I begin to feel happy for Wilson. This was not suppose to happen or was it? Could I possibly be happy for Wilson without being happy for his team? Eh. Not really but you catch the drift.

Ever since he stepped foot onto the campus at North Carolina State, Wilson has exemplified what it means to be a champion. He has proven himself to be humble, a great role model, a leader, an inspiration and one of the top quarterbacks in the league. As a Wolfpacker and a person who just generally likes to see good guys win, it is almost impossible not to cheer for him and want to see him succeed.

With that said, Go Russell!!!! Go get that second ring! This 49er Faithful is rooting for you! For now….

When I was a teenager, I had daily routine before school. Wake up. Get ready for school. Watch Rocky & Bullwinkle. Eat cheese toast. Turn to ESPN at 7a to watch SportsCenter. Over the years, my routine has varied some but the one constant has always been my morning dose of SportsCenter. It was on SportsCenter that I got watch one of my favorite sports anchors every morning, Stuart Scott.

I can remember the day I met him as if it happened recently. My sixth grade PE teacher, Ms. Graves, who has become a dear friend of the family invited me to go with her to Late Night with Roy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Her son, Will, who was like a little brother was a freshman on the basketball team. Supporting Will was a no-brainer. As a proud graduate of North Carolina State University, traveling over into enemy territory was nothing new for me. In an effort to clearly let the masses know that I was there to support Will, only, and not the team I put on as much red as I could find. Red headband. Red NC State shirt. Red Chuck Taylors. Even in all my red, I was excited. I was excited that Will was going to get his first chance to really showcase his talent to the fans that would be cheering him on for the next four years and I was excited to see Scott in his element, up close.

I settle into my seat and soon Scott was introduced. I was mesmerized as I watched him command the crowd of thousands in the same manner that made him a favorite on SportsCenter. I could not believe I was seeing him in person. Then, it happened. He spotted me. I was sitting three rows from the court and I stuck out like beanstalk in a haystack. He was walking by the bench when I heard him say, “I know I don’t see what I think I see.” We immediately locked eyes and I smiled. Scott asked me to come out onto the court. Now even in all my boldness, I was not about to let him get me out on that court to ridicule me. I shook my head and told him to come up to where I was. As is typical with the banter between a Wolfpacker and a Tar Heel, neither of us budged. He gave up but not without making a State joke then moved on to something else.

After the event, I went over to speak to him. As I approached, he immediately smiled. He reached out to shake my hand, gave me a hug and thanked me for being a good sport. I told him how much I enjoyed him on SportsCenter and how he was one of my favorites. He thanked me, asked me a little about myself, told me to keep doing what I was doing and posed for a picture.


Over the past few weeks, Scott has crossed my mind often. Typically when that would happen, I would go check his Twitter feed to see if he had tweeted anything. He was a regular tweeter and the fact that he had not tweeted since November 14 was a cause for concern. As the weeks went on and the tweets still did not happen, I became increasingly sad. The absence of his tweets resonated loudly. Whenever he crossed my mind, I would pray; for him, his healing, his family especially his daughters, his colleagues, his medical staff, all those who knew and loved him. I tried to remain optimistic as I knew that wherever he was, he was fighting a good fight.

In July, I watched with the world as Scott accepted the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the ESPYs. It was fitting that a man who had dedicated so much of his time and efforts to the V Foundation was now on the receiving end of the award named in reference to how Jimmy V lived his life while battling the same disease as Scott. My eyes filled with tears as I listened to Scott deliver a speech that totally changed the way I looked at cancer. He provided me with an 18 word quote that resonated loudly…”You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.”

When my friend Quincy passed away in October after a 10 year battle, it was that quote that often made me smile, through the tears, when I thought about Quincy. Quincy never let cancer define him. NEVER. He lived a life worthy of being remembered forever. He woke up every day determined to live and that is what he did until he took his last breath. As I sat glued to ESPN this morning, I knew Scott had lived the type of life he spoke about on that stage in July. If you were a regular watcher or ESPN, you saw it every time Scott was on. The only indication that he was in the fight of his life was the LIVESTRONG bracelet that always adorned his wrist. There was never any pity, sadness or despair. Whenever Scott was on, he was on just like he had always been. He was a living example of what beating cancer looked like.

Today, through tears, I have thought a lot about Quincy. I have read tweet after tweet from Scott’s colleagues, current and former athletes, the President and those who just love sports. I have watched his fellow anchors fight back tears as “he is” has to now change to “he was.” I have reminisced on the countless hours I have spent watching Scott revolutionize the title of sports anchor/analyst. And I have thought a lot about the day I met him in the Smith Center. At the time, I was still focused on one day becoming an athletic director. Thoughts of one day being a sports journalist had not crossed my mind. If it had, then my interaction with Scott that day would have been much different. I probably would have thanked him for being authentically him. I probably would have thanked him for giving hope to countless black journalists who strive to have a platform as big as his one day. I probably would have thanked him for never compromising who he was. I probably would have thanked him for stepping out on faith and trailblazing a path for others to follow. I probably would have thanked him for bridging the gap between hip-hop culture, sports and corporate America. I probably would have thanked him for being so great on the job and for being even better off of it.

I would have thanked him simply for being Stuart Scott.

Staurt, you nailed it as only you could. With style, grace and a BooYow to top it off.

Well done, sir. Well done.

{Source: Twitter}

{Source: Twitter}

Bay Area Blues…

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This sucks. It really does. I have literally watched my team self destruct for months. Sigh.

Sadly, my prediction at the beginning of the season was right. My beloved 49ers just could not get out together. From off season issues to on field miscues to season long talk of whether or not we would be looking for a new coach at the end of December, this season has been a complete disaster. Sigh.

I do not even know where to start. First, I cannot express enough my disgust with the 9ers front office. All season they have done nothing to qwell the talk of their surrounding their dislike of Jim Harbaugh. Since the beginning of the season, it has been abubdantly apparent that GM Trent Baalke would get rid of Harbaugh if given the chance. This was BEFORE they started their skid downhill. All I could do was shake my head. Sigh.

Here we have a coach who has been at the helm of resurrecting our dynasty. The ONLY coach to lead his team to three straight conference championship games in his first three seasons. So what he is not the most outgoing? So what he wears the same outfit everyday? So what he is not your BFF? The man is a proven WINNER. Is that not ultimately what you want? You man to tell me you cannot find a way to set your differences aside for the betterment of the team?  Sigh.

This year’s team has been a shell of itself.  The offensive line has been plagued by injuries all year. So has the defense. Colin  Kaepernick has played with the confidence of a middle school qb. Our receivers have been missing in action. Even our money kicker has been booting pennies. It has just been bad all around. Sigh.

I am mad yall. I am mad about this Harbaugh thing.  Now unless players start coming out saying Harbaugh was the problem then I will be fully expecting us to bring in a coach who can only exceed Harbaugh in one area: leading us to our sixth ring. For now, Go Panthers! Go Peyton!