The Courageous CC Sabathia…

I was not sure what to expect when I saw CC Sabathia’s name trending earlier today as he is not in the news often.

The New York Yankees are in the playoffs for the first time since 2012. Heading into the postseason, they will be without one of their veteran players.

Sabathia is checking himself into rehab to confront his alcohol addiction. Can we pause for a minute and really think about the magnitude of Sabathia’s choice? If you think I am looking at this from the stand point of what this means from the Yankees, then you have missed the point already. I need you to look at it from the stand point of here is a player who is on the roster of  the most storied franchise in Major League Baseball history. While not expected to win the World Series this year, it is October and anything can happen. The Yankees have been in a slump for a few years and have rightfully so returned to take their familiar seat at the playoff roundtable. Veterans such as Sabathia will be called upon to mentor and guide their younger counterparts through the ups and downs of postseason life.

Only, the Yankees cannot call on Sabathia. And no one. Absolutely no one should have a problem with it.

Sabathia is sick. Contrary to what many may believe, alcoholism is a disease. 17.6 million people suffer with it. It is the third leading cause of lifestyle-related death in the US. The effects of the disease can be debilitating.

And that is why Sabathia should be commended. In my opinion, he is already starting down the path of overcoming this disease. To walk away from your job, teammates and the fans who love and adore you, right before the playoffs, takes courage and determination. He could have easily waited until after the season while he allowed baseball to be a mask to what he is dealing with.

Instead, he is facing the situation head on and asking for what a lot of people are afraid to admit they need, help. At some point in life, we all need some help. We can scream as loud as we want that we do not need anybody but let me know how far that gets you.

I am proud of Sabathia. This cannot be an easy thing to do especially under the glare of the public and the media’s watchful eye. I am sure they will be people will criticize and scrutinize his decision and the time. Hey, you cannot please everybody!

Standing ovation for you, CC Sabathia for determining on your own terms what is important. And for determining on your own terms that you would not let anyone else dictate when you decided to take control of the situation. That to me is what real men do. Your life, your family and your well being is what is most important and if taking this step is what is going to help you become the best you that you can be then do it. 

I am praying and cheering for you all the way!

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