Super Bowl 50 is set…..My Panthers vs. My Peyton

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A few months ago, right after Peyton was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I started a blog post. The topic was going to be about how we may have just seen one of the greatest, Peyton Manning, take his last snap behind center. I couldn’t do it though. I couldn’t bring myself to write the blog because I knew if anyone could dig deep and get back on that field, it was Peyton Williams Manning.

Look who was right :-). All I heard all was week was Peyton can’t beat Brady. Peyton can’t throw. Peyton has no chance. Wonk wonk wonk. “That’s why you don’t listen to they. They don’t play.” Ain’t that right, D. Wade? At 39 years young, Peyton is headed back to the Super Bowl and his opponent is my beloved Carolina Panthers. Yes, I had a great Sunday! 

The day started with the fun going down at Mile High Stadium. I don’t think you will find many who expected Peyton to go out and throw for 300+ yards. I know I didn’t but I have watched Peyton play enough throughout the years to know what he was capable of. No, this wasn’t the Peyton of two years ago but this Peyton was able to do enough, including throw two touchdowns, to keep his team ahead of the Patriots all game. And what Peyton and the offense couldn’t muster up on the field, the defense more than made up for it. 

I have watched a lot of football over the years and I have never, ever seen Little Tommy Brady(that’s what my mama calls him) on his back more that he was yesterday. Every time he took the snap, it seemed like he was running for his life especially when he saw Von Miller coming. Miller was attacking with such force and aggression that I think Brady might’ve owed him some money. In the end, after a failed PAT and two point conversion by the Patriots, the Broncos came out victorious and punched their ticket to Super Bowl 50. And my heart leaped for joy as I now know I have at least one more chance to see #18 behind center. So long Little Tommy and take your deflated footballs with you! 

Normally, on Championship Sunday I would have time to revel in the fact that either my team or my favorite player was headed to the Super Bowl but not yesterday. As much as I wanted to soak in what had just taken place, I had to switch gears quickly because my Panthers were now on tv hoping to punch their ticket to Super Bowl 50.

After being in the house for days, thanks to all the ice that is still on the roads, I ventured out for a bit at the start of the NFC Championship game. We all know the only reason I left is because I can watch the game on my phone. By the time I got to my friend’s car, the score was 3-0 in favor of the Panthers. That was the beginning on the end for the Cardinals. 

The Panthers scored on offense, running and passing. The Panthers scored on defense, Luke Keuchly pick 6 anyone? The Panthers did whatever on the field that they wanted to and there was nothing the Cardinals could do about it. Here, I was hoping for a good game to hoping we could put up 50 on them. Ha! 

All year, the talk has been that the Panthers are not as good as their record indicates. They even came into this game as the underdog. Laughable, right? Well, after last night’s beatdown I would hope no one is still singing that tune. If they are, dab on em.

As the clock neared zero, my heart once again lept with joy. At the beginning of this season, this is definitely not the outcome I expected for the Panthers. I can admit that and I know I am not the only one. I believe the only people who truly believed this could be a reality are the Carolina Panthers. They saw something in themselves early on that had not mainfested itself in the eyes of those watching. It was up to them to show us they are for real. Mission accomplished.

So the stage is set. The team I have loved since 1993 vs. the team led by the quarterback I have been the biggest fan of since eh, 2002-ish. I cannot wait!

Now who will I be rooting for? Well, if you know me well and have been keeping up with this blog, then you know the answer. However, if you do not you will have to wait until next week to find out.


Until next time…TOODELLS.

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