And the NFL keeps fanning the flames..

Just when I thought things could not get more foolish, they do.

And I am over it.


You might think I am kidding but I am not.



The them being the National Football League.

For a while, I have been giving thought to whether or not I would watch NFL games this upcoming season. Some of you may recall that last year after initially saying I was going to watch, I quietly activated my own boycott prompted by the rush of players who decided to take a knee after a certain someone referred to players by a name I shall not repeat.

Do I have a problem with the protesting? Absolutely not. What I had a problem with is the fact that before a certain someone stood behind a podium an hurled insults at the players behind the shield, there were very few who were willing to stand in the line of fire with Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid; especially given the reason they started protesting in the first place.

I was disgusted.

Children, young men and women, middle age men and women and elderly men and women – all whom share the same melanated skin as I do – all across this country are being brutalized by those who have sworn to serve and protect us. Some have even failed to return home as a result.

However, this fact was not enough to prompt the majority of these players to raise awareness by taking a knee. So forgive me, actually you do not have to cause I am not sorry, for not being impressed by the one day “spectacle” from people who have more power than they care to utilize.

I was disgusted.

At the same time, some great things rose from the ashes. True colors started being revealed. And there are not many things that can compare to being able to see a person for who they really are.

Owners got it started. Hey Jerry Jones and Bob McNair. Then the players. Hey Tom Brady! Then of course social media ran with it.

Meanwhile, I occupied my time with other things. I read more. I went outside more. I hung out with family more. I slept more. I planned more. I worked on purposeful things more.

Honestly, I did not miss the NFL. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. It has been a major staple in my life since I was a young child. From September to February, Sundays were always reserved for the NFL.

As I contemplated whether I would watch this upcoming season, I reflected how I have evolved the last few years. I would say roughly four years ago, me not watching the NFL would not have even been an option. I would not have let any controversy that was taking place effect my need for my football fix. I needed that in my life.

Every Sunday.

But the beautiful thing about life is that every year, just like a tree, you should be growing. And that is what was happening with me. I was growing. I could no longer sit back and be silent about the things that matter. I began embracing the voice that I have that makes people take notice and I realized I had some things I needed to say. Some things that needed to be said. Some things I had to address.

And the more I wrote, the stronger my words became. The more I wrote, the bolder I felt. The more I wrote, the more I knew I could not allow my thoughts to lay dormant.

So I wrote. And I shared my feelings. The raw emotions. The grippling vibes. The fears. The concerns. The insecurities. The uncertainties. They all poured out.

I became unapologectically me.


I was no longer concerned with how my words might be perceived if I address a controversial topic. I was no longer concerned with what people would assume because I spoke my mind. I was no longer concerned with being politically correct.

I had a platform and I was determined to use it.

All these thoughts flooded my mind as I also admitted I missed watching NFL games.

I just kinda contradicted myself, huh?

You ever miss something but at the same time you do not really miss it, you just miss the routine of it?

That was me. Trying to sort out what was really taking place. I missed the routine. I also just missed the professional game period. It is no secret that I love football. I cannot get enough of it so to have a large piece of it removed had me in a space of wanting to fill it back up.

Until today.

Today is when the NFL announced that all players and personnel are REQUIRED to stand during the anthem if they are on the field.


Seriously, that is what I did because all the NFL did was just make it easier for me to say I am done.

This is ridiculous.

This is not about unification.

This is not about country.

This is not about respect.

This is about money.

This is about power.


And the NFL wants to prove that it is still writes the narrative of its players whether they want to admit it or not.

Sure many will point out that players and personnel will have the option to remain inside during the anthem. Sure many will point out that the NFL has committed to providing almost $90 million dollars to organizations focused on social justice reform. Sure many will point out that the DOJ is the one who got this ball rolling in the first place by paying to league to showcase the military.

I could go on and on about this but at this point there is no point. The league has spoken loud and clear: stay in your place, do your job and do not rock the boat. Cause you cannot have the inmates running the prison, right Bob McNair?

Shaking my head.





Yes, I will be watching the NFL this season…

This blog post may come as a surprise to some.

Many of you have watched me take a stand against injustices I see and encounter. Many of you have read my thoughts about what has been happening in this world. Many of you know I have no problem expressing how I feel about certain situations. So many of you may have been expecting a different blog title than the one you received.

Listen, everyone knows I love football. Not just like. I love it. Always have. Always will. Youth. Middle school. High school. College. NFL. I love it all. It is an escape for me. It is a place of solace in this crazy world. It is something I look forward too every September. And they are the reasons why I will be in front of the tv tonight.

Let me be clear. My love for the game is not greater than the desire I have to see things change in this world as well as effect change. However, here is the reality. The National Football League has long been a corporation that expects its employees to behave a certain way, follow certain protocols and always put the interests of their team, first. No different than most businesses, right? Well the difference here is the NFL has long been a corporation that rarely practices what it preaches. It wants to protect the shield but it has not been willing to do what needs to be done to make sure the shield is presented in a continuous, positive light.

Take a look at the facts.

The NFL has had an issue with drugs for years. Instead of addressing it head on, they initally tried to ignore the problem in hopes that it would go away. However, it did not so they were forced the deal with it.

The NFL has had an issue with its concussion protocol for years. Instead of addressing it head on, they tried to ignore the problem in hopes that it would go away. However, it did no so they were foced to deal with it.

The NFL has had in issue with domestic violence for years. Instead of addressing it head on, they tried to ignore the problem in hopes that it would go away.However, it did not so they were forced to deal with it.

See a pattern here?

Instead of using its voice to be a prominent opponent of these issues, the NFL decided long ago that the overall image of the shield was more important than the people behind it.

Listen, I get it. Again, it is a business. However, it is disappointing to routinely see one of the most powerful locomotives in this world routinely being reacticve instead of proactice.

Still, knowing all of this has not deterred me from watching the product that has been put onto the field. I love it and I do not ever see that changing.

Do I wish that it would? Absoluely. Did I consider boycotting? Sure did. Am I suprised at the blackballing of Colin Kaepernick? Absolutely not.

I am hoping that the NFL will learn from its past handlings of major controversies. The movement Kap started will not be ending anytime soon. If anything, its picking up even more steam and instead of trying to ignore it the NFL would be wise to face it head on. Deal with the injustices that not only plague our society but the National Football League as well.

The NFL is a well oiled machine. You would have to actively boycott it for years to make even a small dent in the profits they accumulate. And if you really want to make a noticeable dent, then the boycott would have to extend beyond the league and into the pockets of their partners as well – DirectTV, Gatorade, Verizon, Nike, Papa John’s, etc.

In the meantime, we all can do more in our own communities to deal with the injustices that surround us on a daily basis. Mentor some youth. Attend city council meetings. Volunteer. Hold community events that promote unity. Speak out against racism, sexism, classim, all the isms. Run for office. If we are going to make real changes that have a lasting impact then it starts in our communities. Lets all do our part to ensure that happens.

I plan to continue my efforts during football season.


Til next time…toodells.

Kaepernick’s “sit in” stands out…

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

Or in this case, sit.

Enter Colin Kaepernick. Unless you have been on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no wi-fi then you are already familiar with the controversy Kaepernick has immersed himself in. Call me crazy but I honestly am stunned by the amount of attention this has gotten. I took a break from social media for a few days last week so I really did not get caught up on all the backlash, until yesterday. And that is when my head started spinning with thoughts I was eager to record.

I was going to make this one of my paint a picture, extensive vocabulary posts but I am beyond that because I am so over the foolishness. There are kids being killed in our streets in broad daylight and you all are more concerned with an NFL player not standing during the National Anthem? There are kids committing suicide due to bullying and you all are more concerned with an NFL player not standing during the National Anthem? There is a ticking time bomb campaigning to add President of the United States to their resume and you all are more concerend with an NFL player not standing during the National Anthem? There are 28 million people uninsured in this country and you all are more concerend about an NFL player not standing during the National Anethem? There are young black men who are buried in cemeteries across the country because a trigger happy police officer used him as target practice and got away with it but you all are more concerned about an NFL player not standing during the National Anthem? There are 2 million plus homeless veterans, you know the people who you have used to support your argument regarding Kapernick’s decision, but you all continue to be more concerned about an NFL player who did not stand during the National Anthem.

Miss me all the way as far as left as you can go with that foolishness.

See. Here is the “real problem.” We are tired. We are tired of inequality. We are tired of having to work twice as hard to get a fourth of what we deserve. We are tired of racism. We are tired of our actions being dissected. We are tired of our movements being misconstrued. We are tired of institutionalism. We are tired of being ostracized. We are tired of a justice system that leaves behind more injustices in its trail.

And when we get tired, we take matters into our own hands. Sometimes, things are not handled in the most effective way. However, you cannot to continue to expect every reaction to be peaceful when peace has not been afforded to us. I am over people who do not look like us trying to tell us how to think, feel and act. WE ARE NOT PUPPETS.

Colin Kaepernick did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing. I find so much irony in the fact that there are so many talking heads, including current and retired NFL players who NEVER condemn the issues plaguing our country, who feel the need to chime in regarding his action while failing to realize they are doing the same thing Kaepernick did – taking advantage of the First Amendment right.

The flag he “disrespected” is a symbol. That symbol is supposed to represent the freedoms that all Americans are “entitled” to. The freedom that Kaepernick used that is supposedly afforded to him. The freedom that the brave men and women of our armed forces fight for daily. It is that freedom the flag represents – the freedom to agree or disagree, hedge your own beliefs and express your thoughts whether we agree with them or not. Remember this is supposed to be a democracy not a dictatorship.

Or is it?

From my vantage point, Kaepernick should be commended. It takes a brave, courageous man to willing face adversity head on when there is so much at stake. Thanks to him, even I have learned some things I did not know – ie. the third stanza of The Star Spangled Banner glorifies slavery. Great. And you want me to be OK with that? Well, I am not and I never will be.

Until more people in this country are willing to address the issues head on, you know the issues Kaepernick pointed out very clearly while speaking to reporters at his locker – you know the ones the talking heads keep ignoring, then we will keep riding this merry go round. I truly believe love can drive out hate but only when it is given the opportunity to do so. Are you willing to do what it takes for love to have a chance at winning? Actions speak louder than words. What do yours say about you?

My ‘Untitled’ Peyton Manning Piece

Hmmmm, where do I start?

Do I start with naming the countless records he holds? Or do I start with by highlighting his career with the Indianapolis Colts then proceed to his career with the Denver Broncos? Or do I start with the way he revolutionized the game of football?

Or do I just start with what today means to me?

I think that is a good place to start.  Continue reading “My ‘Untitled’ Peyton Manning Piece”

Super Bowl 50 is set…..My Panthers vs. My Peyton

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{Source: Twitter}

A few months ago, right after Peyton was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I started a blog post. The topic was going to be about how we may have just seen one of the greatest, Peyton Manning, take his last snap behind center. I couldn’t do it though. I couldn’t bring myself to write the blog because I knew if anyone could dig deep and get back on that field, it was Peyton Williams Manning.

Look who was right :-). All I heard all was week was Peyton can’t beat Brady. Peyton can’t throw. Peyton has no chance. Wonk wonk wonk. “That’s why you don’t listen to they. They don’t play.” Ain’t that right, D. Wade? At 39 years young, Peyton is headed back to the Super Bowl and his opponent is my beloved Carolina Panthers. Yes, I had a great Sunday!  Continue reading “Super Bowl 50 is set…..My Panthers vs. My Peyton”

A chat with Andre Boyd, the man behind #NotRayLewis

On Halloween, I received a text. At the time of receipt, I was fully engaged in trying to cheer my beloved North Carolina State Wolfpack onto victory against the number one team in the country. I quickly glanced at the text and said to myself, “I’ll check it later once I get stationary.”

November 1. I finally settled in to catch up on what I had missed that weekend. I soon found out there was a party going on and I was beyond fashionably late. The internet was all abuzz. My social media feeds were filled with people talking about it. The unexpected was happening.

Andre Boyd had gone viral.

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ESPN…you messed up…fix it, please!

Update: As of this afternoon, ESPN has acknowledged the mistake and is working to inform all powers that be on their shows and various platforms that Andre is the person in the video. Thank you for making the correction, ESPN!


Last night, I was happily settled into my Monday night routine. I was comfortable in my onesie, the tv was on ESPN Monday Night Countdown and I was chatting with my mother about the day’s events. We were bother eagerly awaiting our favorite segment, C’mon Man!

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