About Kassie Nette





HOLA!!!! KASSIE NETTE IS MY NAME. And this is my domain.

I created this blog as an outlet, a way for me to express myself while allowing others to enjoy a little bit of my krazy world. A place where opinions can be shared, topics can be debated, thinking caps can be put on, laughs can be had and everyone will be respected. This blog was birthed through my desire to have an outlet to discuss sports. As time has gone on, my desire to lend my words to other topics has become prevalent. My prayer is that this blog will not only be a place you visit to find out the latest news but a place where something I say will inspire and motivate you get out of your comfort zone to chase your dreams. So sit back, relax, prop your feet up, enjoy some thought provoking conversation and lots of humor. Enjoy The Korner!

FYI…my favorite teams are the Lexington(NC) YELLOW JACKETS, North Carolina State University WOLFPACK, San Francisco 49ERS and the Carolina PANTHERS. Never, ever question my fanhood. NEVER.



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