Lupita, the Oscars & a selfie

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Every once and a while, something happens outside of the sports world that causes me to want to write. Last night was no exception.

Lupita Nyong’o.

For years I have loosely tuned in to the Academy Awards. I have to stay in the know although I cannot remember who won Best Picture last year. I love to watch the red carpet footage. The dresses. The shoes. The purses. The hair. The tuxedos. The bowties. I love it. I saw long dresses. Short dresses. Flowing hair. Cropped do’s. Slits. Splits. Midriffs. Louboutins. And a tuxedo short set. Only Pharrell.

This year, I actually watched the whole show sans a few minutes where I had to gather snacks, tend to my kitties and fix my lunch for the next day(today). I was excited about potentially seeing some actors and actresses I truly enjoy watching win the coveted Oscar. Plus I love Ellen Degeneres. Over the years, I have gained a new appreciation and respect for those in the film industry(thanks to my friend making waves in Hollywood…Hey Ceej!) who put in long hours on and off screen to perfect their craft. The Oscars are their night to shine and I feel the least I can do is tune to in, even loosely, to see them honored for their hard work.

I will admit. I have not seen any of the movies that were nominated for Best Picture. Matter fact, I do not believe I have seen any of the movies in which any of the actresses and actors were nominated for. *shrugs* I am not a movie goer. I go to the movies typically three to five times a year and that is being modest. Last year I went three times. Two years ago, I only went once. *shrugs* I am not a movie goer. However, that does not exempt me from appreciating all the talent that graced the seats of

The selfie that "broke" Twitter. {Source: Google Images}
The selfie that “broke” Twitter.
{Source: Google Images}

The Dolby Theater in Hollywood last night. From Ellen’s having pizza delivered and taking the ultimate selfie to the stars to Pharrell shimmying with Meryl Streep to Robert Lopez winning an Oscar for the song “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen” to join the rare EGOT club(Emmy-Grammy-Oscar-Tony) to Matthew McConaughey aka Jake Brigance acknowledging God for his success and throwing in an “Amen” in the process.

Yet, none of those were considered the highlight of the night. That honor belonged to Lupita Nyong’o’s, the starlet who stormed onto the scene and snatched every major award including Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Patsey in the Best Picture winning “12 Years A Slave.” The world’s new favorite darling sealed her domination of awards season by capturing the gold statue, that she ineptly entitled “Young Man”, and hearts of those who were not familiar with her before last night. Looking like Cinderella, ready for her ball(Oscars), Nyong’o was a walking picture of grace, poise and class as she jubilantly covered her face with her hands when her name was pronounced into history. And then came her speech. Powerful. Memorable. Emotional. It started with a quick thank you to the academy and then an ode to her character, “It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s. And so I want to salute the spirit of Patsey for her guidance. And for Solomon, thank you for telling her story and your own.” Her immediate gratitude to her character, before she thanked cast, crew and her families, is a testament to the class she personifies every time she graces a red carpet or sits down for an interview. As I watched her speak, with tears in my eyes, she spoke to my heart as she concluded her speech with a line that spoke to millions across the world, “When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that, no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

On a night where movie star royalty was front and center, a newcomer who was born in Mexico and is of Kenyan descent stole the show. Her regalness, elegance and sheer beauty are captivating. However, that is not what stands out to me. What stands out is what she represents. In a society where the gold standard of beauty has for many years not resembled Nyong’o, she is just that. A gold standard. She exemplifies everything a woman should be. She exemplifies how a woman should carry herself at all times. She exemplifies going against the grain and embracing your God given features. She represents the essence, strength and determination that women all across the world display on a daily basis. She represents you. She represents me. She represents us.

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Crown them, again

My goodness. Where do I start? There is so much to talk about regarding Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Do I start with the outcome of the game? Do I start with the play of LeBron James? Or do I start with talking about my admiration for the man I call, class personified, Tim Duncan?

What a game. What a series. As most of you know, I am very vocal about my overall dislike of the NBA. I do not find the quality of play to be as good as it used to be. I think players are a lot more selfish than before. I also think the game is a bit boring at times. However, if I can get the quality of play in the regular season that I see in the playoffs, I would be glued to the tv almost every night. This NBA Finals series was full of everything you could want. Suspense. Drama. Buzzer beaters. Blowouts. Wow moments. Runs. Things that make you go hmmm.

So after Lady Luck helped the Miami Heat escape Game 6 with a win, everybody knew that in order for the Heat to have a chance to win the championship, both James and Dwayne Wade would have to have huge games. Apparently James likes Games 7’s since he is averaging over 31 points per game in them and he did not disappoint last night. Did he ball out or what? He hit 12 of 23 shots for 37 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and had four assists. Oh and he sealed the deal for Miami by hitting a jumper with less than 20 seconds left that put the heat up by four. Unfortunately, for San Antonio there would be no miraculous comeback reminiscent of the Heat’s game 6 turnaround. In a game, that in the mind of many was make or break for the legacy of James, James proved to all his doubters why he was crowned King James many years ago. This was a big time performance by a big time player on the NBA’s biggest stage. Unfortunately, it might not do much to quiet the naysayers but hey as James said, “he ain’t got no worries.” Carry on.

Now as much as I want to be thrilled for James, I can not help but be sad for Tim Duncan. What a class act. With less than 40 seconds left, Duncan had a chance to tie the game, add another line to his already extensive and impressive resume and quite possibly get San Antonio one step closer to another NBA Championship. However, it was not meant to be. Duncan missed a bank shot, that he normally makes 99% of the time. To make matters worse, he rebounded the ball and could not get his follow up shot to fall. Afterwards, in a surprising display of emotion as he was getting back on defense, Duncan slapped the court in a moment of frustration. In that moment, the respect I have for Duncan rose another notch. He is always the source of jokes for his lack of emotion. We have all seen Duncan go out and score 30 plus points on numerous occasions. We have seen him dunk on players. We have seen him win games at the buzzer and very rarely do we see him display any type of excitement regarding what he just did. Typically, he will just turn around and run back down the court. No bells and whistles when it comes to him. So to see him that upset just proves to all who were watching that he is serious about his craft. He should be. He is arguably the best power forward to ever grace an NBA court and according to him, he still has gas left int he tank. Duncan will be back in uniform next season. Can not wait to see what season number 18 has in store for him.

So there you have it. Another NBA season has come to an end. All we have now are hockey(the Stanley Cup Finals are amaze this year, as usual), baseball(neither of my favorite players, Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp, are having good years) and Wimbledon. At least it is summer time!!! Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Before I leave, I must give a shoutout to my boy, my friend, CJ McBath. He is McDonald’s newest star and his commercial aired during the game last night. Do you all understand how huge that is to have your commercial air during the NBA Finals?? Game 7 at that. I am so proud of him and the people at the restaurant thought I was crazy when his face flashed up on the screen. Ask me if I cared?? CJ is more than a friend, he is family and when anyone in my family has a cause for celebration, I am right there to celebrate too. So cheers to you Snook!! Hahaha! #FamTite

Until next time….TOODELLS.