The One

Saturday night, I watched a clinic. A clinic that featured fancy footworking, swift bob and weaves and quick combos. There were jabs, uppercuts and hooks. The clinic also featured low blows, trash talking and a shirtless Little Wayne. If you missed the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez fight, you missed a treat. Mayweather put on a show. Yes, I can admit that even though I was pulling for Canelo.

I have never been a fan of Mayweather. His arrogance is just too much for me. I was hoping he would get some humble pie Saturday night. Wishful thinking. Despite my dislike for him, I can not ignore the fact that is the best boxer walking on planet Earth right now. Notice I said now, not ever. I know he is calling himself The Best Ever and I hope that refers to his weight class because if he thinks he is better than Muhammad Ali and “Iron” Mike Tyson….

Regardless of where he thinks he ranks, after that performance there is no denying his greatness. He is a master at his craft. The only chance Canelo had of winning was to knock Mayweather out. Unfortunately, Canelo was too slow to do just that. Give him a few years and I think he is going to be a force to be reckoned with. He did not fight terribly Saturday night. Mayweather was just much, much, much better.

Now about Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather…..

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