Exercise your right or keep your mouth shut…

Every two years around this time, I get extremely annoyed.

Annoyed by all the political ads. Annoyed by all the bickering. Extremely annoyed by all the people with the “my vote doesn’t count” attitudes.

It never fails. I see people all over social media complaining about how they are not going to vote because their voices are not heard or that all politicians lie or that there is no one running that they believe in. Hey! I get it. Wait, no I do not. Ok, to some extent. Yes, lots of politicians lie. However, I do believe there is a large number of them that keep their word. You know grouping them all together is a stereotype, right? Like an all young black males want to be football or basketball players stereotype. Like an all young white males who like to dress in goth attire are likely crazy. Like an all youth of today only want to play on their phones all day stereotype. This is along to same lines.

Years ago I was asked, “Why do you vote?” My response was simple, “Why would I not vote?” Besides the fact that I have the right to vote, I refuse to let the thousands of people who sacrificed their life so I can have this right die in vain. I allow myself to be reminded of all the people from all walks of life from all shades of color from all corners of the US who fought so that we can all have a voice in the booth.

Today, there will be millions of people who sit home and decide not to exercise their right for whatever reason. These are the people I roll my eyes at because this tells me that they do not value their voice. Sure, your voice may be one among a million and while we may not be able to put a face with the voice, we can see that you have spoken.I tend to find that the people who do not vote are the loudest critics and “find” the most problems but they rarely have solutions. They tend to not volunteer or give back in their communities. They tend to not attend meetings where decisions are being made. They tend to not voice their opinions in a manner where they can be effective. In my opinion, people like this just want to stir the pot and hope whatever is inside burns. To those people I say, keep your mouth shut.

If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. As this election season comes to an end, I challenge everyone to stand up for something. Stop hiding behind social media. It is great that you see all these problems but what are you doing to rectify them? If nothing, then today is the best day to start. Start by going to the polls and electing officials that you think are the best candidates for the job. Leave the all politicians lie stereotype outside of your voting booth. The truth is, we can all talk a good game, politician or not. Vote and hold them accountable. Show up at the meetings. Email them. Call their offices. Make your voice heard beyond the ballot.

Today, exercise your right or keep your mouth shut. Actions speak louder than words. What do yours say about you?


{Source: Google Images}
{Source: Google Images}


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