The Ultimate GOAL

Well, it has been a while.

There has been a lot that I have wanted to write about. I honestly just have not made the time to blog.

With all the division taking place in the US, it was great to finally be able to “come together” and get on one accord for a change. Huge thank you to the US Women’s National Soccer Team. If you missed it, the ladies brought the World Cup Championship back home.

For weeks, the news has been full of talk about the murder of nine innocent, black men and women in Charleston, what the Confederate Flag does and doesn’t stand for and debates over same-sex marriage. I have my opinions on all three topics and do not mind sharing them. However, I will write about them if and when the urge comes.

Back to soccer. I woke up Sunday morning excited! As a woman, I am always thrilled to see women dominate and gel for a common goal. I had watched previous US matches in the World Cup and knew the US women were playing some of their best ball as of late. I could not wait until 6 to see them play. Well, 6:00 came and I was not home. I soon found out the game had not started. Great! I would be home in time. Wrong. I was visiting an older lady whom I love and admire dearly. As always when I visit her, I lose track of time. The beauty of being engulfed in thought provoking conversations. As I headed to my car, I was carrying on a conversation with her son who happened to mention that we were up 4-1. Her son often “pulls my leg” so I thought he was exaggerating. Until I arrived home and turned on the TV. We were kicking tails and taking name after name after name.

What I thought would be a nail biter turned into a bet of how many times Carli Lloyd would score. The minutes began to give way to seconds as Lloyd transferred her captain’s armband to Kassie favorite, Abby Wambach. With a ultimate goal realized, Wambach began a jubilant celebration that is still being heard around the world.

The internet rejoiced. Patriotism was on an adrenaline rush. And 23 women from multiple walks of life celebrated a feat that had not been accomplished in 16 years.

It felt nice to be on one accord for a change. Thank you ladies for giving us something we could all cheer about, together.

{Source: Google Images}
{Source: Google Images}


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