Serving notice…

In the famous words of Darrell Waltrip, “Boogity, boogity, boogity!! Let’s go racing!!!” NASCAR season is upon us. Whooop whoooop!!!

We all know the  big story leading up to the start of the season was Danica Patrick winning the pole at the Daytona 500. And we all heard the talk from some about how big of a deal that was. And we all heard talk from some about how it was not a big deal given her record. And we all heard about how if she did not win the race, she needed to finish in the top 10 in order to be considered “victorious.” Well, BAM ladies and gentlemen, she was “victorious!” With one lap to go, Patrick was running third only to get passed after a wreck occurred behind her.  Unfortunately, she did not win but she did finish in 8th place and became the first woman to finish in the top 10 at the Daytona 500. Earlier in the race, she became the first woman to lead a lap at the Daytona 500. And to top it off, she is one of only 13 drivers to have ever lead a lap at the Daytona 500 AND the Indianapolis 500. POW!!

Even though the rules say she did not win, Patrick was a winner in my book. She accomplished so many things on that track. Things that had never been done. Things that people said would never be done. Things that no one expected her to do. With her accomplishing so much, people will now expect a lot more from her. This season will be considered a failure for her if she does not finish top three in a race. Some will even consider it a failure if she does not win a race. You will not hear that from me. I think what she accomplished on the track yesterday spoke loud and clear. If you are not convinced, just ask the 35 men who finished BEHIND her.

Until next time…TOODELLS.

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Round of applause…

I have been debating all morning about which topic I want to write about, Oscar Pistorious or Danica Patrick. I woke up this morning and saw that Oscar was trending on Twitter so I was leaning towards that until I watched ESPN First Take. One of the topics of debate was Danica. There has been a lot of chatter about Danica not deserving the “hype” surrounding her.

I agree that Danica has gotten a lot of publicity and “hype” that is typically reserved for those who have proven over a period of time that they are winners. I agree that a lot of the “hype” stems from the fact that she is a pretty woman and in our society women are typically judged on how they look, first, before they are even recognized for their abilities. However, that is not her fault and I do not think she should be ridiculed for it. Has she capitalized on it? Absolutely. Who wouldn’t? Happens all the time. Just ask the dude who sings “Gangnam Style.”

The media hypes up the “next” such and such on a daily basis. It happens all the time in football, ie Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, Reggie Bush. It happens all the time in basketball, ie Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, Michael Olowokandi. Do I need to continue? What has happened to Danica is no different than what has been happening for years. The difference is she wears makeup and everyone I listed does not.

No one knows what type of career Danica will ultimately have but I find it deplorable that members of the media, especially women, have taken it upon themselves to call her out for what she has not done opposed to what she has done. Yes, I know she has participated in almost 200 races and has only been declared the victor in one. By society’s standards she has failed. In my opinion, she has succeeded. She is participating in a male dominated sport, one where there is not a separate league for women. Her peers do not look like her. Just because she has not won a lot does not mean she does not have an impact. I think her not winning speaks louder than winning does. It shows us that even when the odds are against her she is willing to get in the ring and fight even if she knows she has little chance of winning. That is what life is all about, right? Getting knocked down and continuing to get back up to continue the fight.

Even if Danica never wins another race, she has already helped pave the way for female drivers that will follow in her footsteps. The truth of the matter is not everyone will make it to the mountaintop. Some of are here to make the path easier for others to follow. That could be Danica’s purpose. Judging by her actions, I think she is ok with that. And for that, she deserves a round of applause.

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Did you hear what happened in Florida?!


While everyone was consumed this weekend talking about Oscar Pistorious’s murder charge, All-Star Weekend and Michael Jordan turning 50, a series of firsts were taking place down in Florida.

Ladies and gentlemen, Danica Patrick intends to be taken seriously. I hope. On Saturday, Patrick posted the fastest time in the qualifying round for the Daytona 500. I can admit, like many, I was shocked. When Patrick first started racing it was a big deal, of course, because very few women have participated in auto racing. In fact, on May 29, 2005, Patrick became just the fourth woman to compete in the 94th Indianapolis 500. Before switching to the Sprint Cup series last year,  all we had to go off of was her previous track record which had included only one win(the 2008 Indy Japan 300) and seven top ten finishes in the Nationwide Series.

On Sunday, she one upped herself and claimed the top spot in the pole. Say what now? For those of you who do not understand what the pole is. It means she was, once again, the fastest person on the track that day. Yes, a woman is going to lead the start of the 55th Daytona 500. As if I was not already excited enough for NASCAR season to begin. Do you all realize how huge of an accomplishment this is? The Daytona 500 is the granddaddy of all races. It is the one race EVERY driver wants to win at least once in their life. No, winning the pole does not guarantee you a first place finish but it does signify that you are to be taken serious.

In a TOTALLY male dominated sport, Patrick has done something no other woman has been able to do before and she has served notice to the other drivers. Her hot start does not mean she will dominate the track this year. In fact, plenty of drivers have taken the pole at the Daytona 500, only to not win the Daytona 500 and to ultimately finish outside the top 10 in the Sprint Cup. This feat is going to put a lot of pressure on her to live up to all the hype that has surrounded her the past few years. However, this is a major leap forward for women. A lot of us are more than just a pretty face. You might want to take notes….

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