You play to win the game!!!

Welp, unfortunately for the University of Alabama and Nicky Saban, that mentality cost them the game. Excuse me while I continue laughing. Finally!! So glad to see ‘Bama get knocked down. No one, absolutely no one, could have predicted that ending. Auburn scores with 36 seconds left. PAT to tie the game. ‘Bama’s TJ Yeldon manages to get to Auburn’s 39 yard line with one second left. Assuming ‘Bama would attempt the Hail Mary, Nicky shocked everyone by bringing in a redshirt freshman kicker who had only attempted two field goals this year. You play to win the game!! I would have gone for the Hail Mary though. So Adam Griffith lines up, ball falls short, right into the hands of Chris Davis. And that was all she wrote. GONE!!! Davis returned the missed field goal 100+ yards to do three things: 1) put Auburn into the SEC Championship game, 2)win the Iron Bowl and 3)assure that their cross-state neighbors would NOT three-peat as BCS Champions. GAME. SET. MATCH.

That is why I love this game!!!

Before, the Iron Bowl, most of us figured we had seen the craziest finish we would see all day when Ohio State narrowly escaped their rival, Michigan. The 110th meeting between the two, ended with Michigan playing to win the game. Down by one with 32 seconds left, Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke stunned the college football world by going for the two point conversion instead of attempting the PAT to tie the game. Hey, you play to win the game!!! Plus Ohio State was running that ball down Michigan’s throats and stomachs. As you know by now, the ball was intercepted by Tyvis Powell and kept, what was at that point, Ohio State’s narrow dreams of playing for the BCS  Championship alive.  GAME. SET. MATCH.

That is why I love this game!!!

Final Four pix…

Last week I got four of the games right. Yay me! Earlier this week I realized I did not pick who I thought would make it to the Final Four. Oops. Ok, so here it goes.

Michigan over Syracuse
Louisville over Witchita State

Louisville over Michigan for the NCAA Championship

By the way, if you have not seen ESPN’s Rece Davis’s interview with Louisville’s Kevin Ware, Google it immediately. Great interview! Ware is a bright, intelligent, classy, humble young man. Best wishes to him!!

I have not shown the women any love this postseason. Shame on me because their tournament has been gooooood. Here are my pix…

Louisville over California
UConn over Notre Dame

UConn over Louisville for the NCAA Championship

I think next week I need to address the fact that the Atlantic Coast Conference will be gaining two Final Four participants next year, two each from the men’s and women’s side….Louisville, Notre Dame and Syracuse. Should make for an interesting ACC Tourney next year.

Have a great weekend folks! Until next time…..TOODELLS!

Ahhhh, boo…

Yep, I am still dragging. I have made peace, for the most part with my 9ers losing. I am still somewhat avoiding ESPN. You do not realize how much they talk about the SuperBowl after the fact until your team loses. And if that “I’m going to Disney World” commercial chases me down one more time, I am going to scream. Thankfully, I have had the remote near by every time and I have managed to avoid hearing those words.

Since I have made peace, I am sure you are wondering why I am still dragging. Football season is now officially over. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Say it ain’t so!!!! What am I going to do?? No Olympics coming up to keep me occupied during the summer months. I do love college basketball and baseball though so I guess I will immerse myself in those. Although, my Wolfpack is not doing so well. *insert sigh* I have faith in them though! We will bounce back.

Last night there was not much to watch on tv, as usual. However, March Madness came early. I managed to catch the last nine minutes of the Michigan-Ohio State game. That was good stuff!! The back and forth. The barrage of threes. The defense. Overtime. Last second shots. Two of the biggest rivals in collegiate athletics. You could not ask for much more on a Tuesday night. Although, I am sad about football season being over, last night’s game was a great reminder of why I love March Madness. If last night’s game is any indication of what is to come in March then we are in for a treat.

Yeah, that is all I have for today. Until next time, TOODELLS!

Approximately 23 weeks until NFL Training Camps open!!!!!