Simone owes you NOTHING

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I woke up early yesterday morning.

Wait. Let me rephrase that.

I woke up earlier than normal yesterday morning. Over a year later, I’m still getting used to the way I’ve shifted my schedule to utilize more of the morning hours for work as opposed to burning the midnight oil. Isn’t that the term?

Anywho, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I woke up yesterday. excited. Although I have a strong opinion about whether or not the ‘Lympics should’ve been held this year, I’ve been all in because it’s the ‘Lympics. It’s must see tv especially when that racewalking final comes on.

Ok, let me get back on track.

After conducting my morning routine, I turned on the tv to tune into the gold medal softball game between the US and Japan. And I opened my tablet to log on to (where you can watch all events live) to tune into the women’s gymnastics team finals.

I had settled into my comfortable little nook when I heard the announcer reference Simone Biles’ fall after her vault. Say what now? Well, that’s out of the ordinary for her, I thought. Confident she would shake off the perceived jitters, it wasn’t long before I learned that the situation surrounding Simone was one of concern.

The commentators began to report that she had left the floor with a trainer. Oh no, I said out loud. As they dissected all that went wrong during her vault, I said a little prayer.

Then the shocking news reverberated across the world.

Simone Biles was out of the team competition.

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