Kassie’s Marine Corps Marathon Rekap…

Here we go…

Alarm goes off at 4:45a. I jam a little to Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own”(my alarm tone), cuts alarm off then looks at temperature on phone. SIXTY-SIX DAGREES. Huh? *cuts eyes at cute new leggings I bought for the occasion, shorts it is*

1. Miles 1-2. Feeling good, feeling great. How are you?

2. Mile 3. In 2012, I had to dodge some roadkill that was the size of a baby kangaroo. Sunday, I dodged some roadkill that was the same size. Did that joka not decompose?

3. Mile 3. I hear “Black or White” by MJ and start shimmying. Wait, is that MJ performing? I need a pic but homeboy is on the opposite side. I yell “MICHAAAELLLLLL” and keep going.

4. We’re almost near the Key Bridge. I’m still feeling good. Then I realize that I should because I am only 4 miles in.

5. Hey the Key Bridge! So happy to see you after being herding like cattle up that steep, narrow bridge to get here. I always wonder who’s idea was that?

6. My hair is twisted and it was in a cute little style until I got to the Key Bridge. Thank God I had enough sense to bring a rubberband with me.

7. Mile 5. Good ole G’towne. Happy to see you! Love the energy on M Street. Favorite costume out there…Ketchup, Mustard & Relish.

8. Miles 6-9. Rock Creek Park. This is new. We didn’t run this in 2010 or 12. Wait, is there a banana up ahead, running? Wait, is that the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man on the other side, running? Wait, I know this dude ain’t dribbling a basketball and juggling? You are doing the absolute most, sir.

10. Heading to mile 10. I hear someone behind me chanting what I thought was a cadence. Then he passes me. Dude is singing and is so far in his zone that he doesn’t notice how loud he is. Well, do you boo boo. Now, the orange slices are coming! Let me start walking because I have seen plenty of people almost get taken out by those things.

11. Mile 12. The Blue Mile. Hains Point always leaves me choked up. So many soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Forever grateful.

12. Mile 13. Halfway! Yeah baby! Making good time too. I’m hongree though. This bagel in my pouch is not appealing.

13. Mile 14. The first of many angels appears. The first one was a lady with a fruit bar. I don’t like mango lady but today I do! That fruit bar concoction was on point.

14. Mile 16. Fatigue kicked in. Ugh. Legs felt great but I was drained. Called my mom for a pep talk. She could’ve easily been a Marine.

15. Mile 17. The Gauntlet. I have never wanted to kick someone as badly as I wanted to kick the man who almost clipped my wings trying to cross with a darn running stroller during the marathon. A two seater at that. If you don’t get out my way sir….

16. Saw the 2 Legit sign. Had to get a pic. I love MC Hammer.

17. Mile 19. The second angel appeared. The little boy with the Tootsie Rolls. I know he came straight from Heaven.

18. Bridge time! Crushed it and I have the pic to prove it. They didn’t have a fun Marine there this time though. Wonk wonk.

19. For some reason, the choppiness of the Potomac(I could see it out the corner of my eye, along with all the people on the bridge made me nauseous. Had to walk most of it.

20. Crystal City. Another angel. First, my girl Ta’She was there and she had pretzels! I needed salt badly. Secondly, whyyyyyy are the miles in Crystal City soooooo freaking long?? The energy is always great there and we need it because it takes forever to get through that mug. The spectators also have the best snacks there.

21. Mile 24. I am usually excited about those donut holes but I had taken in too much sugar. Then I heard someone say “Ooooo, a chocolate one.” I immediately stopped and a fellow runner said here take this one. I savored every morsel.

22. Before Mile 25. I broke down. As I stated before, I run for the Leukemia 7 Lymphoma Society and I ran in memory of my friend Quincy who passed away three weeks ago. The emotion of that overwhelmed me but I could hear him saying, “Keep pushing buddy. You’re almost at the end.” Once I got myself together, I noticed the baby tropical storm like winds I was encountering. That’s always what you want at the end of a race.

23. Right before Mile 26. Please tell me ya’ll saw the little boy, who is destined to be a future Marine, was out there. Before I even got to him, I could hear a little voice screaming, “Yeah! You got it! Gimme some, gimme some! Keep going! Fist bump! You got it! You got it!” Lil man was no more than 2 ft tall and was the hypest spectator I saw all day. Oorah lil man.

24. Mile 26. Customary pic with the mile marker then I hear someone shouting my name. My friend Steve, is right near the hill, videoing. I run over as well as almost run over people(ala dude with the running stroller) to get to him so we can celebrate.

25. Time to take the hill. Hi-fives. Low-fives. And smiles all around. I round the curve to see my dear friends, Jeneen and VJ, who have been at the finish line since the start of the race waiting for me. They are waving frantically and cheering louder than anyone else in the stands. Couldn’t ask for better support.

26. FINISH LINE. Quincy and I made it. Again. Thank you Lord! I PR’d too at 5:32. I’m 99% sure that is the last 26.2 for me. Always have to leave room for the one percent because I am the same person who said I’d never run a marathon.

P.S. Shoutout to my grandDaddy who passed in 2008. He was a Montford Point Marine(part of the first wave of black Marines to enter the Corps in the 1940s) Please research them if you aren’t familiar with their story. He’s the reason I have only run MCM. Can’t see myself 26.2’ing anywhere else. Oorah to my favorite piece of American History.


#RunningForQ #26point2ForQ
#RunningForQ #26point2ForQ




Two of my dearest friends who waited for me at the finish line. Love these two!
Two of my dearest friends who waited for me at the finish line. Love these two!



My Get Hype Crew. OORAH!
My Get Hype Crew. OORAH!


My plan this afternoon was to blog about how horrible my San Francisco 49ers looked last night. Was not going to make any excuses. Was going to give the Seattle Seahawks the props that they deserved. Was going to talk about how that wake-up call does not change my Super Bowl prediction. That was going to be my afternoon until I heard about D.C…

Once again, our nation is faced with the difficult task of dealing with the aftermath of another mass shooting. At approximately 8:20 am shots rang out in Washington’s Navy Yard, a facility that employs 3,000. Details are still sketchy, at this point. What we do know is that there are 12 people confirmed dead including the shooter. However, there is a possibility that there may be other shooters. Others have been wounded, some critically. Others have been wounded mentally and emotionally.

As most of you know, D.C. is special to me. It is where I have completed the most difficult physical task of my life, the Marine Corps Marathon. Twice.  Before then, I had ties to D.C. but it became extra special after the first race. As I sat at my desk, I wondered if any of those that were killed or injured today cheered me on during my race. I wondered if any of them gave me that extra boost by saying, “You’ve got this Kassie!” when I needed it most. I wondered if any of the fine men and women of the US Navy that participated in the race were somehow connected to this tragedy. I got caught up in my feelings and I offer no shame in doing so.

To say enough is enough would be an understatement. It is almost starting to feel like we spend our days just waiting on the next tragic event. That is no way to live life. I will never understand why these events take place and I am not even going to attempt to try and understand them. It will never make sense to me. What I do understand is that people are hurting in this country. People are suffering in this country. People are crying out for help in this country. And sometimes, those cries are unnoticed, ignored and glanced over. Who knows if what has happened today could have been prevented. From what I am hearing, the gunman was someone who’s employment at the Navy Yard recently changed. There is no telling what state of mind he slipped in to upon receiving that news.

What is telling is the fact that despite all these mass shootings and less we not forget the shootings that take place on a daily basis in our neighborhoods, communities and cities, the United States Congress still thinks there is no need to make changes to how readily accessible guns are.  How many children have to grow up without a mommy or daddy as a result of gun violence before Congress is willing to make changes? How many parents have to bury their young sons and daughters as a result of gun violence before Congress is willing to make changes? How many people have to live with the daily reminder that they survived what others did not as a result of gun violence before Congress is willing to make changes? No, we can not rid this country of all guns but we can make changes to ensure that there are not as many on the streets. We can make changes to ensure that those who are mentally unstable can not easily become armed and dangerous. We can make changes to ensure that the statistics of young black men dying in this country as a result of gun violence decreases. Or are the lives of innocent men, women and children not worth THEIR political risk?

Actions speak louder than words.