Oh so random…

They say there is a first time for everything. Welp, I am experiencing another first….blogger’s block. Ugh. I have a few topics that I want to write about but for some reason I just can not seem to get them going. Instead of trying to force it,  I have decided to take another route with this post. So here it is…a plethora of thoughts from Kassie….

1. Ken Griffey, Jr. had the prettiest swing. EVER.

2. As big a sports fan as I am, I have never seen Hoosiers, Bull Durham or Caddyshack. I have seen Blue Chips though.

3. I went to my first North Carolina State football game at the age of 2. I have a reoccurring flashback of me sitting with the family in the upper deck.

4. I was at The Cheesecake Factory in DC about 10 years ago with some friends when all of a sudden a very tall man arose from a table near us. It was Dikembe Mutombo. Before I could even catch myself I yelled out, MUTOMBOOOOOOO! If looks could kill. For that reason alone, he deserves more than two sentences.

5. Earvin “Magic” Johnson does not get the respect he deserves. Dude was a ballerrrrrrr, you hear me?!

6. When I was in middle school, my granddaddy would make me cheese toast for breakfast. I would eat it while watching Scooby Doo then I would turn and watch SportsCenter.

7. Ya’ll know the ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercial with Jay Harris and Larry Fitzgerald, where Larry catches all the stuff that falls in the office? I was with Jay on the day they emailed the script for the commercial to him. I have always thought Larry was a kutie and I told Jay that. About a week later I got a text from a friend that was sent by Jay that said, “Kassaundra, Larry told me to tell you hey.” Yep! That deserved extra sentences.

8. My all time favorite football player is Jerry Rice. Greatest of all time.

9. Quite often during football season, I lose my voice. It is a good thing that I do not have to talk to blog.

10. If you have never been to a Virginia Tech football game, GO!! That ‘Enter Sandman’ intro almost made me tackle someone in the stands.

11. Leave Lance Armstrong alone! He has raised over 500 million for cancer research. That will have a greater impact than anything he has done on a bike.

12. <—–My favorite number so I have got to make this good….44 days until the marathon!!! Have you made your donation :-}??

13. Some of my favorite athlete names…..Milton Bradley, Picabo(pronounced Peekaboo) Street, Tim Biakabutuka, Doug Flutie, Anfernee Hardaway and Alan Kulwicki.

14. I want to go to Soldier Field to see a Chicago Bears home game so I can sing “Bear Down” as loud as I can after the Bears score a touchdown. I love to randomly sing that song, just ask my mama :-}.

15. I keep up with the NBA but I do not like it. Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.

16. Everyone should experience a hockey game. LIVE.

17. I have been trying to learn how to play poker. The only thing I still understand how to flush a toilet.

 18. This year’s baseball playoffs are going to be something special. You heard it here first…..Go Rangers!!

19. I am still giggling at the fact that they kept playing “Lean Back” by Fat Joe at the Broncos game Sunday night. Whoever was in charge of the music needs to not be in charge of the music anymore.

20. Until next time….TOODELLS.

2 thoughts on “Oh so random…

  1. Kevin Jackson

    1. Yep
    2. Okay seriously young lady, your grounded. Until you can tell me some thing about Bull Durham you are not to spread your knowledge of sports.
    3. You sound like Jess. Her family had her downtown celebrating hours after the 83 championship.
    4. Shoulda did the finger waggle at him.
    5. He gets props from everybody that had to play against him.
    6. Lol
    7. He couldn’t get a number for you?
    8. I dint know that I could pick a greatest football player of all time. He is without a doubt the greatest receiver. And Peyton is the greatest QB. Foe me Walter Payton was the greatest RB of all time. I will accept Berry Sanders, but don’t mess up and say that gut that stole Walters record. And that’s just offense. What about LT, Butkus, singltary, and Ronny lott.
    9.just don’t stop typing!
    10. Never been
    11. AMEN!!!!
    12. Nice to know
    13. David Thompson, Dale Earnhardt, John Force, John Lynch, Michael Jordan
    14. Had to look that one up.
    15. Preach
    16. I use to love going to monarch games but NHL was not as much fun to me
    17. Be good at math and use your memory. Texas hold’ em is nit poker to me because the average person does not u understand the averages in a hand. They are nit the best bluffer in the world, they just don’t realize the should have folded two cards ago.
    18. Lord please let Nolan Ryan change baseball…..again.
    19. No comment
    20. I’m serious, GROUNDED!

    1. 1. Yay for agreement!
      2. No props for Blue Chips?
      3. I’m jealous. I’ve heard so many stories about the week leading up to the game, the night of and the days after.
      4. I should have but I was scared!!
      5. Not from the media and the youngins though.
      6. Loved my childhood!
      7. I know right! I guess that was unprofessional. I need to holler at Jay about it.
      8. It is definitely hard to chose. I think you can make arguments for a number of players in every other position but that one. Straight domination.
      9.I won’t!!
      10. You have got to go! So much fun.
      11. Yay for agreement, again!!
      12. :-}
      13. That first name you typed…whoo hoo!!
      15. It’s so not like how it used to be.
      16. Really? Go to a Canes game.
      17. Math is not my friend. Well math using letters isn’t. LOL
      18. Please!
      19. LOL
      20. I’m gonna watch it before the end of the year! Promise.

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