Did I really see what I think I saw…

[Source: Google Images}
[Source: Google Images}

Last night, with 20.1 seconds left in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, I tweeted that “Twitter is about to meltdown in 20.1 seconds.”  At that point in time, it was clear that the San Antonio Spurs were about the clinch their fifth championship and the crucifixion of LeBron James was about to occur. Then the unthinkable, the inevitable, the unimaginable happened. What I thought was going to happen did not happen because what I thought was going to cause what I thought would happen did not happen. Let that sink in for a minute.

With 20.1 seconds left, the Spurs had a commanding 5 point lead. The celebration rope had been brought out, the Larry O’Brien trophy was in the tunnel and the James slander had begun to commence. With Tim Duncan on the bench, the Miami Heat was able to rebound a miss and kick the ball back out to James who buried a three to cut the lead to two. Ut oh. Next, a young Kawhi Leonard to fouled and was sent to the line with the Mount Everest task of nailing two free throws to put the Spurs up four and ultimately clinch their fifth championship. That is a lot on a young man’s shoulders. Leonard hit one of two free throws. Then that unthinkable, unevitable, unimaginable thing that I talked about earlier happened. James missed a three pointer, Bosh grabbed the rebound and kicked it out the the greatest three point specialist of all time, Ray Allen. And what does Allen do? What he normally does, drains it!!! Just like that he sends the American Airlines into a frenzy and gives us some free basketball.

Wait a minute!! What just happened?? How did this just happen?? And why was Duncan on the bench, again, during that sequence?? Normally I do not question Gregg  Popovich because like I said yesterday, he is a genius but he made two questionable decisions down the stretch that may have cost him his fifth ring. Manu Ginobli had a horrible game!!! This guy was a walking, raging turnover machine all night. Yet, Pop left him in the game. Then, you have the undeniable questions surrounding your best player, your best rebounder, your franchise player, Duncan, riding the pine at such a crucial time. Makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever. Pop, you have some splaining to do.

Game 6 was without a doubt one of the best NBA Finals games I have ever seen and it will be hard to top if on Thursday. As much as I want the Spurs to win, I am not sure they have enough left in the tank to grab the championship they let slip through their fingers last night. However, I know from experience that when your body is tired, your heart takes over and the Spurs have enough heart on their team to will them to victory. One thing is for certain, around approximately12am Friday, someone’s Hall of Fame resume is going to another line added to it. Will it be Duncan or James? We shall soon find out.

Until next time….TOODELLS.

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