MY 100TH POST!!!!!

Today is a big day! If you read the title of this post then you know why I am so excited. Post Number 100 :-}.

When I started this journey less than a year ago, I was not sure what to expect. All I knew is that I was a woman who loved sports, was very knowledgeable in the area and enjoyed writing. I assumed combining the three would lead to many magical moments. I was right! My posts have been shared, retweeted and viewed in 53 countries. I have received a lot of positive feedback. I have had one of my posts, The Dallas Wake-Up Call, featured in an online journal about drunk driving. I have even had the opportunity to chat, on numerous occassions, with a former Editor in Chief of VIBE magazine, who showered me with praise and encouraged me to keep writing. While the magical moments are great and they have left me with a smile on my face, I would be remiss if I did not mention that this opportunity has also come with challenges. Anyone who knows me very well knows that than I am very passionate and determined individual. When I started blogging, I had visions of this blog essentially becoming the newest go to hot spot in the sports industry. Yeah, that has not happened. LOL! I have not even come close to claiming that title. In fact, my site stats(visits) have been so low in recent months that I once considered giving up on this whole thing.

A couple of months ago, I took a much needed break from the blog. I was blogging two to three times a week and sometimes four. I was up late at night blogging. I was constantly searching for new ways to bring more traffic to my site. I felt as if the blog was not effective if people were not visiting the site. My desire to write almost became nonexistent. There was barely anyone questioning why I was not doing much blogging. And there were no major news publications knocking down my door asking me to write for them. To say I was bummed was an understatement. I knew I was a good writer. I felt my content was a great mixture of information, comedy and opinion. I knew I brought something unique to the industry. 

After wallowing in self pity, I had to put myself in check. For one, I was not a quitter! I have completed two marathons which have left me feeling like I can conquer any task ahead of me. Two, I loved writing. More importantly, I loved writing about sports. Sports and writing are two of my passions. You do not give up on passions just because you feel like you are not being recognized for them. Three, I took a step back and did a little soul searching. I had to go back and revisit my reason for starting Kassie Nette’s Korner. Did I start it so I could be noticed? No. Did I start it because people had been telling me for years that they loved how knowledgeable I was about sports as well as my sense of humor as it pertains to them? Sort of, kinda. Or did I start it because I wanted my own place on the world wide web where I could share my thoughts, my ideas, my knowledge and sense of humor? Yes!! That was it. I started this for me. In reminding myself of why I started this journey, I was able to get beyond what was happening and focus on the positives that had taken place, thus far.

As with most things, success does not happen overnight. Most people who are successful are successful because they never give up. They see their dreams and they will not stop until those dreams turn into reality. They do not let the bumps in the road stop them from continuing down the path that leads to success. So while the success of Kassie Nette’s Korner has not manifested the way I envision it to, as of yet, that will not stop me from pursing my dream. As a matter of fact, this bump in the road has made me that much more determined to see The Korner become the success I know it is destined to be. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!

Until next time…TOODELLS.

{Source: Google Images}
{Source: Google Images}

2 thoughts on “MY 100TH POST!!!!!

  1. Sherraine

    I love this and I love you, my Neice!! Don’t ever give up on your goals and dreams. The best, I know, is yet to come!!! Congratulations!!!!

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