Why I: Take Breaks from Social Media

I remember my first social media experience.

It was August 1999 and I was a freshman at North Carolina State University. I had a pretty, white desktop computer that was hooked up to the fastest ethernet the largest public university in the state could provide. The screen was wide, the fonts were big and I was thrilled to now be connected to the internet full-time. Well, while I was in my dorm room.

When I finally received the notification that my connection was active, my first order of business was not to check my schedule, locate some building on campus or check out the bus schedule. Before I could do any of that I had to get the most important tool set up that I would need for the next four years: AOL Instant Messenger.

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MY 100TH POST!!!!!

Today is a big day! If you read the title of this post then you know why I am so excited. Post Number 100 :-}.

When I started this journey less than a year ago, I was not sure what to expect. All I knew is that I was a woman who loved sports, was very knowledgeable in the area and enjoyed writing. I assumed combining the three would lead to many magical moments. I was right! My posts have been shared, retweeted and viewed in 53 countries. I have received a lot of positive feedback. I have had one of my posts, The Dallas Wake-Up Call, featured in an online journal about drunk driving. I have even had the opportunity to chat, on numerous occassions, with a former Editor in Chief of VIBE magazine, who showered me with praise and encouraged me to keep writing. While the magical moments are great and they have left me with a smile on my face, I would be remiss if I did not mention that this opportunity has also come with challenges. Anyone who knows me very well knows that than I am very passionate and determined individual. When I started blogging, I had visions of this blog essentially becoming the newest go to hot spot in the sports industry. Yeah, that has not happened. LOL! I have not even come close to claiming that title. In fact, my site stats(visits) have been so low in recent months that I once considered giving up on this whole thing.

A couple of months ago, I took a much needed break from the blog. I was blogging two to three times a week and sometimes four. I was up late at night blogging. I was constantly searching for new ways to bring more traffic to my site. I felt as if the blog was not effective if people were not visiting the site. My desire to write almost became nonexistent. There was barely anyone questioning why I was not doing much blogging. And there were no major news publications knocking down my door asking me to write for them. To say I was bummed was an understatement. I knew I was a good writer. I felt my content was a great mixture of information, comedy and opinion. I knew I brought something unique to the industry. 

After wallowing in self pity, I had to put myself in check. For one, I was not a quitter! I have completed two marathons which have left me feeling like I can conquer any task ahead of me. Two, I loved writing. More importantly, I loved writing about sports. Sports and writing are two of my passions. You do not give up on passions just because you feel like you are not being recognized for them. Three, I took a step back and did a little soul searching. I had to go back and revisit my reason for starting Kassie Nette’s Korner. Did I start it so I could be noticed? No. Did I start it because people had been telling me for years that they loved how knowledgeable I was about sports as well as my sense of humor as it pertains to them? Sort of, kinda. Or did I start it because I wanted my own place on the world wide web where I could share my thoughts, my ideas, my knowledge and sense of humor? Yes!! That was it. I started this for me. In reminding myself of why I started this journey, I was able to get beyond what was happening and focus on the positives that had taken place, thus far.

As with most things, success does not happen overnight. Most people who are successful are successful because they never give up. They see their dreams and they will not stop until those dreams turn into reality. They do not let the bumps in the road stop them from continuing down the path that leads to success. So while the success of Kassie Nette’s Korner has not manifested the way I envision it to, as of yet, that will not stop me from pursing my dream. As a matter of fact, this bump in the road has made me that much more determined to see The Korner become the success I know it is destined to be. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!

Until next time…TOODELLS.

{Source: Google Images}
{Source: Google Images}

What I am thinking…

Just a few little random thoughts from yours truly…


1. If the Miami Heat lose tonight, which I believe they will, LeBron James is going to catch slander like we have never seen before. The 27 game win streak, the MVP and the domination from him we have seen throughout the playoffs will not matter to most critics and analysts. We are going to hear that he did not get the job done, he did not show up when it mattered most and that he choked once again. As much as the LeBron slander annoys me, I will say that he has seemed off during these finals. His drive and passion to win another ring just does not seem as prevalent as it was last year. Maybe it is because he already has a ring. Maybe it is because he thought getting past the San Antonio Spurs would be easy. And maybe, just maybe, he does not have “it” at all times.

2. When the Spurs win this fifth ring, can we now enter Greg Popovich into the discuss of the greatest coaches ever? I promise you that he does not get enough respect. Let me rephrase that, he does not get a lot of exposure. I think that is because of the market he is in and the team he coaches. The Spurs have long been considered “boring” but I think they have dispelled that myth with this playoff run. Pop gets the most out of his players. I mean who would have ever thought the Spurs would gain a second “Big 3” in the Finals: Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal and Danny Green. That Greg Popovich man. Genius.

3. Is Tiger ever going to win another major? Every time it looks like this might be the tournament he break though, he does not. It is a struggle watching him constantly finish anywhere other than first. If only he would have left those women alone…

4. I really hope the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup. That will be great for that city after this year’s tragedy. Go Bruins!! #BostonStrong

5. Let me just say this whole Jason Kidd coaching the Nets baffles me, still. It is the Nets though. *Kanye shrug*

6. The WOLFPACK baseball team has started off strong in Omaha. Thrashed the smerfs. UCLA up next. LETS GO #PACK9!!

7. 79 days until the NFL Season starts!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!


Until next time….TOODELLS.


Heeeeeeeeeeey!!! Its Twenty Thirteen!!


New year 2013

Well, the day has come. The last day of Twenty Twelve. I know you all are sitting around saying the same thing we say every year, “This year went by so fast.” I guessssss.

What a year it has been, personally and professionally. I have been tested in more ways than you can imagine but I MADE IT! GOD gets all the glory! When I started this blogging journey in August, I did not know what to expect. I knew I wanted to share my wealth of sports knowledge with the masses :-}. However, my goal was to inspire others by doing something I loved. The response to my blog has at times been overwhelming. I have been retweeted, followed by former writers and editors of magazines, chatted with ESPN anchors and have been told by many that they love my style of writing and that I inspire them to follow their dreams. WOW! With all the madness and sadness that we have all experienced in this world this year, I am truly grateful to have a place where I can spread a little sunshine.

I stepped out on faith this year and I am challenging you to do the same in 2K13. STEP OUT ON FAITH!!! Really, what do you have to lose? If it does not work out, cool! It was not meant to be but what if it does?!?! Imagine the possibilities!!!! In this world, you can not afford to be afraid or opportunities will pass by you faster than a Tony Romo interception. So sit down, write out your plan and then go after it! Somebody is waiting on you to get ‘er done!!


Until next time…..TOODELLS.


P.S. I would have loved to have done a ‘top 10 sports stories of the year’ post but I am just getting back from vacation, my beloved WOLFPACK plays their bowl game at 12(yeah, I know you are surprised I am not there) and I still need to squeeze in one last workout before midnight. So yeah, I do not have time to do it :-}. Whatever you are doing tonight, be safe!!! HAPPY 2K13!!! Peace and blessings to you in the new year.

Oh so random….

Oh, just a little glimpse of my current thoughts….

1. I am so ready for Sunday!!! My 9ers vs. Russell Wilson’s Seahawks!!! GO NINERRRRRRS!!! And don’t act surprised. I’m a Niners Faithful even if the opposing QB is a Wolfpack alum.

2. I still do not understand this whole shoe release phenomenon. Sleep is waaaaaaaaay too important to me to wait in the cold for some rubber and shoelaces.

3. I like RG3. Those braids, not so much.

4. The NHL should just cancel their whole season and focus on getting it together for next season. Got everybody “on ice.”

5. The Beef O’Brady’s Bowl is tonight. HAHAHAHAHA!

6. Before Sunday’s game, Adrian Peterson needed either 509 or 599(I think it was 599) to break Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record. Some guys debated me and said he could not do it. I said he could. AP had 212 yards rushing Sunday. Guys still doubting me. SMH. Ya’ll gone learn!!

7. I have yet to watch an NBA game this season. I flip to TNT to see my man Sager!!!

8. Want a good workout? You Tube some MC Hammer videos and get your dance on. My thighs are still a little sore from that workout.

9. My nephew turns 3 tomorrow. Those years went by fast!!! HAPPY BIRFDAY BOODA!! Auntie loves you!!!

10. There is no 10. I only wanted to do 9 :-}.

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Until next time….TOODELLS!!