What’s happenin??

Hey kiddos!! Didja miss me?? Alright, lets catch up on the happenings. Gonna stray away from my normal NFL ReKap.

I know I have been slipping on my coverage of the World Series but please tell me ya’ll have been watching. Thanks to another monster pitching performance by Jon Lester, the Boston Red Sox are now just one win away from clinching their third World Series championship in 10 years. If that does not interest you, then you should at least watch to see the dominance that is David Ortiz better known as Big Papi. This guy has been UNREAL in this series. If I recall correctly, he is 11 for 15 is batting over .750. Every time he steps to the plate, Kodak moment. Game 6 is Wednesday night in Boston. The Sox have a chance to clinch their eighth title in legendary Fenway Park for the first time since 1918. I guess you can tell who I am pulling for. #BostonStrong

Sooooo Dez Bryant snapped huh? I probably would have snapped too if I played for Dallas. They stay melting down. Ok. Ok. Let me focus. For real, I did not have a major problem with Bryant’s temper tantrum. Football is a heated sport and most players are very passionate about the game. Sideline tantrums are nothing new. Now Bryant probably does not have the clout yet to be outbursting…too much, too soon?? That slamming down of the Gatorade cups and pounding his fists on the table…definitely too much. Is this the beginning of their yearly episode of self destruction?? We shall see.

Man. Ya’ll just refuse to give the Kansas City Chiefs any props. Only undefeated team left and they are constantly left out of the top three in power rankings. They gets no respect. Probably because they are the Kansas City Chiefs. Carry on.

Forgot to tell ya’ll hockey is back! Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. Go Canes!!!

The NBA season starts tonight. Oh joy.

Oregon took over the #2 spot in the BCS. Dropping FSU down to #3. Alabama remains #1. If all three remain undefeated, this is going to be one year the powers that be wishes they had the playoff system in place. Ah. Next year.

You know I do not comment often on the NFL and all the changes it has endured the past few years. However, while watching the Seattle/St. Louis game I got a little annoyed. Seattle’s Russell Wilson laid a nice dime in the hands of Golden Tate, while he had a DB draped all over him. Tate made a phenomenal play and in the process blew by the safety help as he trotted into the endzone. On his way to the endzone, Tate waved bye to the defense which resulted in unsportmanslike penalty.  Ugh. Really? For waving? That is the one thing I really wish the NFL would ease up on. Let guys celebrate. It is a competitive sport. If your thing is scoring and handing the ball to the ref then great. If your thing is scoring and cabbage patching after you do then great. Neither should be frowned upon. No one is getting hurt. Geez Louise. They better be glad I do not play. I would do the worm all the way to the endzone :-}.

Until next time…TOODELLS.

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