Bay Area Blues…


This sucks. It really does. I have literally watched my team self destruct for months. Sigh.

Sadly, my prediction at the beginning of the season was right. My beloved 49ers just could not get out together. From off season issues to on field miscues to season long talk of whether or not we would be looking for a new coach at the end of December, this season has been a complete disaster. Sigh.

I do not even know where to start. First, I cannot express enough my disgust with the 9ers front office. All season they have done nothing to qwell the talk of their surrounding their dislike of Jim Harbaugh. Since the beginning of the season, it has been abubdantly apparent that GM Trent Baalke would get rid of Harbaugh if given the chance. This was BEFORE they started their skid downhill. All I could do was shake my head. Sigh.

Here we have a coach who has been at the helm of resurrecting our dynasty. The ONLY coach to lead his team to three straight conference championship games in his first three seasons. So what he is not the most outgoing? So what he wears the same outfit everyday? So what he is not your BFF? The man is a proven WINNER. Is that not ultimately what you want? You man to tell me you cannot find a way to set your differences aside for the betterment of the team?  Sigh.

This year’s team has been a shell of itself.  The offensive line has been plagued by injuries all year. So has the defense. Colin  Kaepernick has played with the confidence of a middle school qb. Our receivers have been missing in action. Even our money kicker has been booting pennies. It has just been bad all around. Sigh.

I am mad yall. I am mad about this Harbaugh thing.  Now unless players start coming out saying Harbaugh was the problem then I will be fully expecting us to bring in a coach who can only exceed Harbaugh in one area: leading us to our sixth ring. For now, Go Panthers! Go Peyton!


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