Happy Birfdaaaaaaaaay to The Korner!!!!

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Today is a big day. A happy day! And I need some happy after yesterday.

Kassie Nette’s Korner is THREE YEARS YOUNG today. Whoop whoooop! This is also my 200th post!

When I started this blog three years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew I wanted to create a platform for myself to talk about sports whenever I wanted to talk about them. I had been told over and over I should be on tv or on the radio talking about sports. That sounded cool but I found myself not really willing to pursue the opportunities. In the midst of being unemployed, I was not feeling very confident in my abilities. I had been told no so much that it seemed to be all I knew.

I have always been a fighter and a go-getter so I struggled, mightily, between keeping myself motivated to press forward and self- pity. Self pity was not me though so I made up in my mind that I would quit allowing the doubts of others to dictate what I could do. As I changed my mindset, I began to focus on what I was good at. I knew I was knowledgeable about sports and I knew I could talk about them. I also knew that finding a platform that might allow me to do this might take a while and just like that The Korner was born.

The Korner was born out of a need. Or should I say needs? My need to, yep, talk about sports but also my need to write. The latter being a need I was not aware of. I credit The Korner with uncovering my gift of writing. You may find this hard to believe but until I started this blog, I had no idea that this was something I was born to do. I grew up writing in my diary. I wrote for my high school newspaper. And every now and then I would get excited about a paper I had to write for class. Other than that, I rarely wrote. 

For three years, this space has allowed me to be me. It has allowed me to express my views, share my knowledge and ultimately, hone my writing skills. This space has also given me the opportunity to expand beyond the world of sports. I have blogged about The Oscars, concerts, Nelson Mandela, domestic violence and the inequalities in our country. I have been able to freely discuss issues that matter to me and engage in dialogue that has challenged me to look deeper beyond the surface.

In just a short amount of time, The Korner has become bigger than I ever dreamed it to be. It has become an extension of me. Whenever I have found myself in a rut where either I could not seem to create time to write or I did not feel like writing, I reminded myself of why I started this blog in the first place-I was born to do this. 

I am forever grateful and thankful for the determination my blog continues to provide me with. I have taken that same determination and channeled it into other areas and projects in my life. No longer do I have this desire to wait on the opportunity. I now desire to create my own even if I have to fight a million obstacles to turn it into a reality.

I am excited about whats to come for Kassie Nette’s Korner. I have been toying around with some ideas and I am eager to test a few out. Thank you to each and everyone of you who takes time out of their schedule to read my thoughts, share and/or comment. I appreciate you. Cheers to year #3! Lets go #4!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birfdaaaaaaaaay to The Korner!!!!

  1. Monikee Harris

    Happy Birthday!! Your writing ability is awesome! You have been blessed with a wonderful gift!!!! Looking forward to #4!!!!!!!

  2. Sherraine

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASSIE’S KORNER!!!!! I am so very proud of you!!! You address tough topics and shed light and awareness to situations and circumstances that need to be addressed; you attack more light hearted happenings and incorporate humor and joy, and you devote energy to topics that will motivate change!!! Your commitment to your God given talent inspires and gives hope! I love YOU!!! Keep writing😘

  3. Ta'She Spencer

    Congrats Kassie and Happy Birthday to “The Korner.” You definitely have an amazing gift and I’m thankful that you are sharing it with the world. I look forward to reading so much more from you. Here’s to years to come 🍻🎊🎉

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