People are sick….

I do not want to keep writing stories like this.

I like to stay in my happy place.

But the compassion that wells up inside of me will not let that happen.

Two days ago, I was hurting over the fact that black lives do not seem to matter to some people. Today, I am hurting over the fact that gun violence, scratch that violence, is out of control.

But we already knew that.

As the details continue to come out about the shooting that took place this morning in Virginia, I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate. Much like the many names that have become hashtags over the years through the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Alison Parker and Adam Ward woke up oblivious to what this day would entail.

The story is a sick and twisted one. And I would not dare give the murderer the satisfaction of inserting his name into my blog. But what happens in Virginia can happen anywhere and that is scary. What is even scarier is the fact that shootings in public places seem to be the norm now.

That is a problem.

A huge one! There are countless mass murders that happen almost daily that never make the national news. Evil seems to be taking over and driving out good.

As I type, I wonder how much of what has taken place is driven by our desires to always be in the know. We like to say people are getting meaner and meaner. When in actuality, people have been mean for decades. However, a lot of them did not have a platform available to share their sadistic minds. When I was growing up, it could be days before you heard about the latest unbelievable act of violence.

Enter social media.

The place where people share videos of girls being gang raped, dead bodies lying in the road and videos of murders. The place where people hide behind a persona, pedophiles seek potential victims and soon to be murderers sit back and watch how their fellow comrades actions have dominated media throughput the day.

#WDBJ will trend in the top 10 all day, as it should. However, I was once again disappointed to see people sharing footage of the actual act of violence. Anyone who shared it is sick. There is no reasonable reason for sharing the video of someone’s fiance, daughter, son, brother, colleague, friend, etc. being murdered in cold blood. NO REASONABLE REASON.

A culture has been created where, no murdering is not ok, but if you post it will be retweeted or shared just so people can inform you of how disgusted they are.

I understand that some people are not as bothered by these actions as I am. Very puzzling to me but to each his own. None of us should want to give these perpetrators a platform. They do not deserve that at all.

I am by no means saying that if people stop sharing these types of things on social media, we will see an decrease in these acts of violence. But hey, it is worth a try, right?

Oh and to anyone who wants to start in with this white people should riot and protest because their lives matter, miss me with that. You missed the point of the movement a long time ago.

I can only hope that going forward we are all more conscious regarding what we share, retweet and praise on our social platforms. The next killer is watching.

I can only hope that maybe this will be the day where our lawmakers take off the blinders and take a serious look at our gun culture.

I can only hope that we can find a way to allow more love to reign supreme and drive out the hate that has permeated so many.

I can only remain hopeful even when it is understandable if I did not.


Rest in peace, Alison Parker.
Rest in peace, Adam Ward.

Praying for all their loved ones, colleagues & journalists every where.

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