I decided yesterday morning that I could not do it. I was too loyal. Too passionate. And too dedicated to go through with it.

I will NOT boycott my San Francisco 49ers this season.

You probably assume that was an easy decision. Nope. Not at all. 

Months ago, I wrote about the disgust and disdain I felt for the front office as I watched them completely gut our team, starting with the head coach. The majority of the decision made absolutely no sense to me. I know. I know. It is business but some business moves make no sense. You know your team is doing the most when they trade your punter. YOUR PUNTER!!

But I have been part of the Faithful too long to put us on pause now. If I can survive those years in the first decade in this millinniem then I can weather this storm.

Last night, I was impressed. I liked what I saw. The O-line looked more cohesive. The offense looked more in sync. And the defense looked like they had tapped into the relentless pursuit of the 49ers D from a few years ago. Oh and two words, Carlos Hyde. That is all I need to say.

We looked good but I am still skeptical. Minnesota is by no means, in my mind, one of the elite teams in the league. Time will tell if we are playoff contenders or not. 

Til then, I will bask in the glow of this win and search for a new 9ers tshirt online. I think they should send me one for my loyalty.


Until next time…TOODELLS.


P.S. To the media: please Frank Gore’s name out of the conversation when talking about Carlos Hyde. Hyde cannot replace Gore. Gore’s dedication to this franchise goes way beyond what he did on the field. He will always be one of the greatest 9ers to put on the red and gold. Now Hyde, gets his chance to began carving out his own legacy. That is all.

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