The Minnesota Wake-Up Call: Pray for AP

Now ya’ll know I do not normally blog on Saturdays but ya’ll are working my nerves with this Adrian Peterson story. So here goes my two cents…

Right now, I could care less if AP just found out about this child two months ago or two weeks ago, A CHILD IS DEAD!!! Right now, I could care less if AP was cheating on his fiance whom he has been in a relationship with since college, A CHILD IS DEAD! Right now, I could care less if AP decides to play tomorrow against the Panthers, A CHILD IS DEAD! A CHILD IS DEAD PEOPLE! Instead of focusing on this fact, all I have seen people do is argue and bicker about who is responsible for the child’s death. Are ya’ll serious right now? Ultimately, the blame is with Joseph Patterson, the man accused of beating the young child. I have seen people blaming the mother because supposedly she knew about his past which included prior abuse of children. If that is true, then yes the mother is to blame as well for endangering her child, knowingly. I have seen people blaming AP for not being a present father in the child’s life. When I first heard the news, one of the first stories I read stated that the son was one that AP just recently found out about that lived in South Dakota. I do not know how everyone else missed this because I was stunned to see so many memes and pictures of AP with his son, Adrian Jr, whom I am almost positive is more than two years old and lives with him. Ya’ll know how people are though. Folks heard the story and ran with it…ran all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with pictures of the son that is alive and well. SMH.

It would be great if we could live in a world where people did not jump to conclusions. Yes, it seems as if AP had a child that no one or very few people knew about. Again, it has been reported that AP only found out about the child recently. To assume that AP is a “deadbeat or absentee father” because he met the child on his deathbed is ridiculous. None of us knows why he just met the child. At two years of age, children are very much coming into their own identity and to insert a “stranger” into the mix that will be around for the rest of the child’s life is a tedious process. 

I have seen people accuse AP of not grieving because he has said he will play in the game versus the Panthers. How do you know he is not grieving? How do you know football is not an outlet for him? How do you know that he is not experiencing a wide range of emotions so instead of getting caught up in them, he has decided to partake in the one thing that is familiar to him? The funny thing is that if he was openly weeping and mourning, people would be accusing him of being fake and phony because he just met the child. He can not win.

Honestly, I do not care to know the details of the situation. AP made that bed and has to sleep in it. Regardless, it does not change the fact that A CHILD IS DEAD! An innocent little baby boy.  Instead of pointing fingers, I will continue to do what I have done since I heard the news yesterday: pray for AP, his family, all those involved and children everywhere. It is the least I can do.


REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE LITTLE BABY BOY. You are now in the place where you can never be harmed again.



Kassie’s NFL ReKap!!

I owe my friend Earl Crawford an apology. During a Twitter exchange yesterday, I made the statement that “the O(Carolina Panthers) looked about the same. D looked niiiice.” My exact words. Earl’s response, ” I don’t understand….yr 1 O was on fire .. running up and down the field .. yr 3 we struggling…” Now in my defense, I was late getting home from church and I had to make a run during the game for pizza and breadsticks so I did not get to watch the whole game. It was not until I took a good look at the box score that I truly understood where Earl was coming from. My bad Earl. You were absolutely right. Yesterday’s offense was dismal. Quarterback Cam Newton completed 16 of 23 passes for 125 yards and one touchdown. Huh? Wait. What? Third year QB Newton ONLY had 125 yards? I need that to be a typo. Unfortunately, it is not. Newton did do a good job of spreading the ball around to multiple receivers, completing passes to five different players. However, that is just not enough. Now in his defense, this dismal offense was crippled by some dismal, conservative play calling. It was apparent that in order to beat the Seahawks, the Panthers were going to need a balanced attack. Surprisingly, the numbers say this is exactly what happened. 23 passing plays to 26 rushing plays. Well plays that netted yardage. So something is terribly wrong here. I saw too many dropped passes. I saw too many fumbles. And while I try not to “armchair coach,” I saw too many questionable play calls.

In year three of the Cam Newton offense, there should definitely be improvement from last year. The offensive line looked better. Newton seemed to be more patient in the pocket. And Steve Smith is still the fiery, ball snatching firecracker that he has been for the past 13 years. I agree with Newton and Smith when they say ” Everybody, let’s not panic now” but hey, something has got to give or somebody is going to be giving up a job soon.

Switching gears and speaking of giving, how about we give Seahawks QB Russell Wilson a round of applause. *insert applause* What sophomore slump? Wilson finished the day 25 of 33 for 320 yards and one touchdown. Things started out a little rough for Russell as he was under constant pressure from the Panthers front seven. However, once he got settled in, he managed the game like only he can. Scrambling when he needed to. Dropping back when necessary. Making throws on the run including a beautiful pass receiver Doug Baldwin. And of course, completing a beautiful game winning drive that culminated in a 43 yard touchdown pass to receiver Jermaine Kearse in the fourth quarter. That is just Russell being Russell. The other 31 teams better get used to it.


All summer I have been hyping myself up, it did not take much, for opening  Sunday. My San Francisco 49ers vs the Green Bay Packers. A rematch of last year’s NFC Divisional playoff game. You know the game where 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick rushed for 181 yards. Yeah, that game.  Well all summer we heard about how the Packers were making adjustments so that they receive a repeat dose of what happened in January. Well, so much for that. Apparently the Packers thought Kaepernick could only beat them with his legs. Wrong. The arm proved to be just as lethal as Kaepernick lit up the Packers defense for 412 yards on 27 of 39 passes and three touchdowns. Huh? Wait. What? Looks like the Packers may need to go back to the drawing board once again. Ok, ok. Enough trash talk. For as much as I loved the way my 9ers looked yesterday, I am still extremely frustrated with our secondary. Too many missed tackles. Too many blow coverages. Too many missed assignments. Yesterday was essentially a shootout and it came down to which defense could hold. Thankfully, my 9ers defensive unit has been together for years and knows how to step up at just the right time. If it was not for that front seven then we might have had a different outcome. Fellow football fans have been telling me to calm down because Rodgers is a great QB who is going to torch secondaries constantly. Yeah, I know. However, I need to see some improvement out of our secondary and I am not seeing it. Remember, I was watching the 9ers when no one else was so that telling me that they are doing a good job will not work over here. If we are to, indeed, get ring number six then the secondary will have to step up in a major way. Teams will be looking to exploit that weakness. Now if everyone can get on the same page and play like rookie safety Eric Reid then it is curtains for everybody else! Bang! Bang! #NinerGang

Switch. My thoughts.

Speaking of curtains, the Pittsburgh Steel curtain may be closing. My goodness. They looked awful yesterday. So did those Jacksonville Jaguars. Sheesh.

Yeah Larry Fitzgerald! Snagged two touchdowns yesterday. Still top five in the WR department.

The New York Jets, with the assistance of a late hit penalty, won their opener. Yeah, I have seen this Lifetime movie before.

Speaking of Lifetime movies, the Dallas Cowboys one began last night with a win as well. We all know how this will play out. Maybe they will fool me. Eh, doubt it.

The New England Patriots needed late game heroics to beat the Buffalo Bills. I am not sure how to even interpret that. Any Given Sunday, I guess. Well almost.

The Chicago Bears beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Barely. That is a moot point though. As long as I get to sing “Bear Down.”

Miami beat the Browns, convincingly. However, they were not very impressive. Gotta love those Fins.

There was a Reggie Bush sighting in Detroit as the Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings. Bush racked up 191 yards of total offense and one touchdown. He has not produced that much offense since USC. Ok, Maybe he has but none of you would be surprised if I was right.  Adrian Peterson was sighted too.  Ran straight to paydirt on his first carry. From 78 yards away. Really dude?

Andrew Luck’s Colts allllllmost lost to the Oakland Raiders. Heard the Raiders looked good though.

And lastly, the New Orleans Saints worked that voodoo magic on the Atlanta Falcons, who were not able to #RiseUp for the occasion. Better luck next time birds.

The NFL Top 100

Last night on the NFL Network, the top 10 players in the league, as voted on by the players, were revealed. They are…

1. Adrian Peterson
2. Peyton Manning
3. Calvin Johnson
4. Tom Brady
5. J.J. Watt
6. Aaron Rodgers
7. Aldon Smith
8. Arian Foster
9. Von Miller
10. Patrick Willis

My thoughts about this list….no surprise that AP was voted number one. He dominated last year despite tearing his ACL near the end of the previous season. Peyton is my number one quarterback but I was a tad surprised that he was the highest ranked quarterback. Guess I know what I am talking about after all when I say “he puts in work.” Rodgers not being in the top three was a shocker. That is all I know to say. Aldon Smith went from not making the list in 2012 to being number seven this year. Talk about respect from your peers. All in all, I think the list is solid. It is easy to sit at home, analyze and critique the list. The players are the ones who go out and play the game every week. Therefore, making them experts on who is the best of the best. Congratulations to all 100 players who made the list. There is no higher compliment than the ones your fellow peers give you. Oh, did you all notice my 9ers have two players in the top 10 :-}??


Until next time…TOODELLS.