For the love of boxing…

I want my money back! Ok, I want my brother to get his money back.

The “Fight of the Century” was anything but that. It was more like a dance off.

But let me back up. We, the die hard sports fans, have been waiting five years for this fight. We sat and watched as folks on both sides of the aisle bickered about money, drug testing and how their opponent utilized their free time. Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. It was finally happening! Years of back and forth finally culminated in people all across the world tuning in to watch what we all hoped would be one of the best fights ever.

Welp. So much for hopes. I cannot recall the last time I was so bored watching a boxing match. Oh yes I can. It was the last time I watched Floyd Mayweather fight.

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I have a feeling…

I am sad. Manny Pacquiao got knocked out Saturday night. Boo. That was not suppose to happen!!! Now that it has, I have a feeling we will never see a Pacquiao fight Floyd Mayweather. Boo.

I am not a huge fan of boxing. I find it to be quite barbaric. Blood all over the place, faces twisted, literally. Just barbaric!! Not as barbaric as UFC but it is still hard to watch at times.  However, I used to love to watch “Iron” Mike Tyson fight. Probably because I did not have to watch him fight his opponent for long. He was dropping dudes in 30 seconds. SMH.

Anyway, back to Pacquiao. I did not watch Saturday’s fight and I have not even read an article about how the fight went. I do not know who won what rounds, if it was evenly matched or if Pacquiao was losing. I do know that in Round 6, Juan Marquez, hit Pacquiao with a right hand that sent him straight to the mat. I kept seeing pictures of the knockout, thanks to Twitter, but had managed to avoid seeing the actual knockout until last night while I was watching SportsCenter. That punch would have sent all of us straight to the mat. Wow.

So with that knockout, say bye bye to a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Pacquiao let Mayweather off the hook. Boo. No way Mayweather fights him after this. I personally think Mayweather has been a little shook when it comes to fighting Pacquiao. I sat at home a few months ago and watched Pacquiao say on LIVE tv that he would agree to Mayweather’s terms when it came to blood testing and that he would take a 55/45 split of the pot for the fight.  What else did Mayweather need to hear in order to agree to the fight? Did he need a guarantee from Pacquiao that he would let him win? Did he need to hear Pacquiao say how great of a fighter he is? Did he need to hear Pacquiao say he wants to be a part of Mayweather’s “Money Team?”

All of you true boxing fans should be mad at Mayweather. I do not think he ever wanted to fight Pacquiao and he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to justify his position. Well it looks like he got it. Mayweather has had plenty of opportunity over the past couple of years to meet Pacquiao’s camp half way. However, that is not his concern nor has he been concerned with giving boxing fans the fight they want to see. That reality is the true knockout in this whole situation.