For the love of boxing…

I want my money back! Ok, I want my brother to get his money back.

The “Fight of the Century” was anything but that. It was more like a dance off.

But let me back up. We, the die hard sports fans, have been waiting five years for this fight. We sat and watched as folks on both sides of the aisle bickered about money, drug testing and how their opponent utilized their free time. Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. It was finally happening! Years of back and forth finally culminated in people all across the world tuning in to watch what we all hoped would be one of the best fights ever.

Welp. So much for hopes. I cannot recall the last time I was so bored watching a boxing match. Oh yes I can. It was the last time I watched Floyd Mayweather fight.

I have heard it all before about how Mayweather is this great fighter and is now self proclaiming to be the best ever. Oh stop. Dancing around the ring all night does not make you the best ever…


You know what. I am not even interested in continuing this post. I could sit here and defend why I think Mayweather(and yes I do give him props for being one of the sports greatest is boring to watch but I do not even feel like doing that anymore. Plus I am hungry.



Until next time…TOODELLS.


P.S. Mayweather won. I cannot condone that nonsense Pacquiao was talking.

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