Hey ya’ll!! It has been a while, huh? Sorry I have been celebrating my birfday all last month. No really, I have been celebrating my birfday(with an f).

I am back though and just in time to give my thoughts on a few things…


That fight was terrible. Borrrring. I did not expect Manny to win although that is what I was hoping for. I knew he would have to bring hs best Zumba moves if he was going to keep up with Mayweather. 

Is anyone really surprised at this debacle? The oly thing surprising was that Sepp Blatter was re-elected. Well that may not be so surprising either. And now he has resigned.

ESPN First Take
I called myself watching this a couple of times last month. I am so over this show. Between Stephen A. constantly clearing his throat and Skip constantly beating on the desk, I am constantly rolling my eyes. I wish I had time to watch His & Hers and Highly Questionable daily.

NBA Playoffs
That Spurs-Clippers series. Maaaaan. One of the best ever! Finals are up next and my money is on Chef Curry(with the pot).

Stanley Cup Playoffs
I know a lot of you do not watch hockey. Playoff hockey is so exciting! Although the conference finals Game 7’s were not. Talk about sleepers. 

Charlie Weiss
I need his agent! That is all.

Josh Hamilton
I cannot tell you how happy I am that he is back home in Texas. The childlike joy he displayed over hitting a walk off double last week brought the biggest smile to my face. I am happily wearing my Hamilton baseball seam bracelet again.

Wolfpack Baseball
I still cannot believe we gave a seven run lead in the eighth inning. This one is gonna leave a salty taste in my mouth for a while. I still love my Pack!

Look & Listen Podcast
I did my first podcast with my homey, Leonard. Check out all the fun at http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/look-and-listen-podcast/e/play-it-up-at-kassie-nettes-korner-37600991?autoplay=true  Be sure to visit http://www.lbothersmedia.com to see what all Leonard is up to. 

Cam Newton
He got paid! Now lets see what he does on the field.


I know I have missed a lot but that is all I have for now but stay tuned. I am working on something gooood.


Until next time…TOODELLS.


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