A chat with Andre Boyd, the man behind #NotRayLewis

On Halloween, I received a text. At the time of receipt, I was fully engaged in trying to cheer my beloved North Carolina State Wolfpack onto victory against the number one team in the country. I quickly glanced at the text and said to myself, “I’ll check it later once I get stationary.”

November 1. I finally settled in to catch up on what I had missed that weekend. I soon found out there was a party going on and I was beyond fashionably late. The internet was all abuzz. My social media feeds were filled with people talking about it. The unexpected was happening.

Andre Boyd had gone viral.

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Irsay what???

Without a doubt, the most anticipated football matchup this week is the Denver Broncos vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning vs. his old team. Peyton Manning vs. his “replacement” Andrew Luck.

As if this matchup was not already hyped up enough, Colts owner Jim Irsay decided to add fuel & kerosene to an already smoking fire this week by making one of the most ridiculous statements I have heard in a while…..”(Tom) Brady never had consistent numbers, but he has three of these (championship rings,” Irsay told USA Today. “Pittsburgh had two, the Giants had two, Baltimore had two and we had one. That leaves you frustrated. You make the playoffs 11 times, and you’re out in the first round seven out of 11 times. You love to have the Star Wars numbers from Peyton and Marvin (Harrison) and Reggie (Wayne). Mostly, you love this (referring to his Super Bowl ring).

Hol lup, did he REALLY just say that? Now most of you already know how I am when it comes to #18. Rarely do I have to defend him because no one ever has anything really bad to say about him. The only knock on him has been that in the postseason he has “choked” many times. That, in my opinion, is just that, an opinion. Yes, there were times where something #18 did cost them a chance to score. There were times when he did not put up the numbers that we were used to seeing. There were times where he just simply had bad games. Hey, it happens. He is human. Remind me again how many rings Dan Marino won?

We all know this one fact: no one has done more for the Indianapolis Colts franchise than Peyton Manning. And he deserves more respect than what he is getting right now from his former boss. To me, Irsay sounds bitter. Sounds like he is not confident in his decision to release #18. I honestly do not blame him for not being confident. Unless you have been up under a rock, you know that #18 is having his best season ever. That says a lot because we are talking about a four time MVP here.  The fact that a lot of times when the Colts are brought into the conversation it is because of what #18 is doing in Denver has got to be eating Irsay up.

Of course Irsay will claim he is not bitter. If that is the case then there was no need to make this ridiculous statement two years after the fact. If you felt that way then you should have said something back then. Or how about just keeping your mouth shut. Everything that is thought does not need to be said. And when Tony Dungy starts inserting himself into the mix, to essentially defend #18, then you have a real issue on your hands because Dungy NEVER shares details of private conversations. Just when I thought things could not get even more interesting…

To say I am ready for Sunday’s showdown, Pony vs. Pony, would be an understatement. I hope #18 torches the Colts. I am talking record number torch. It would be the best thank you gift he could provide Irsay with.