Kassie’s NFL ReKap, Week 5

(Wrote this yesterday and forgot to publish it. Ooops).

Yep, I did not do a rekap last week. Just in case you were wondering.

Here we go…

My 9ers look to be back on track with a dominating win over the Texans on Sunday Night Football. I mean, we could not stay down for long, right? Now if Kap could just get hot again…

My Panthers lost. Again. ‘Scuse me. We got smashed. Again. Sigh.  By the Cardinals. Sigh.

Peyton Manning ya’ll!! #18 threw for four more touchdowns as his Broncos narrowly escaped Dallas with a dubya. Oh and #18 scored another TD on the slowest bootleg known to man. For the season, #18 has 1,884 yards, 20 touchdowns, one interception and a passer rating of 136.4. Peyton Manning ya’ll!!

The Browns beat the Bills. And I am still scratching my head about that Jim Brown thing.

The Saints beat the Bears to go to 5 and Oh. Beignets for everyone!

LOL at the Patriots. Or should I LOL at the Bengals. Every year it seems like the Bengals start the season strong and then fade down the stretch. Either way, the Bengals handed The Brady Bunch their first loss. Kudos.

Lawd. One of the Lions fans pushed the Packers James Jones out of the stands as he tried to get his Lambeau Leap on Sunday. I guess a 22-9 loss will make you a little bitter.  By the way, players can not celebrate touchdowns, excessively, anymore but they can still Lambeau Leap? Hmmmmm.

Andy Reid’s Chiefs beat the Titans to go to 5 and Oh. Why do I have a feeling that no one, including myself, is taking the Chiefs serious?

The Colts beat the Seahawks. Yes!! Now normally I would not cheer against a team lead by a Wolfpacker butter rum their loss benefits my 9ers. Brings us one game closer to tying for first place in our division. So thanks Colts! Go Pack!

The Jaguars lost to the Rams. Nothing to see here folks. Oh and as a consolation prize, the Jags get the Broncos next week. Lawd hamemrcy. #18 is gonna have a field day with that defense. Six TD’s easy. Or may be not. #18 may be on the bench after halftime.

If the Fins could have found them a running game, they might have had a chance to beat the Ravens. Oh well.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Owen. Owen who? Owen 5. (Dedicated to all you Giants fans.)

That deserved a line all by itself. Eagles beat the Giants and lost Michael Vick to a hamstring injury in the process. Lets hope it is not too serious!

The Chargers lost to the Raiders. Did not see that coming. Even in “The Black Hole.”

So who predicted the Falcons would be 1 and 4 at this point in the season? Oh. Nobody? And they let rookie Geno Smith lead his team down the field with less than two minutes left to set up the game winning field goal. Insert jokes here.

Until next time….TOODELLS.

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