Congratulations are in order….

While we were all going on about our lives last week, a star was being born in Belgium. Meet Simone Biles, the first black gymnast to ever be crowned World Champion. Say what now? How did I miss this? Oh I know. No one was talking about it. Shaking my head. We thrive off controversy which is exactly how I found out about this milestone. However, I refuse to entertain that foolishness. Instead, I am going to celebrate the accomplishment of the 16 year old from Spring, Texas. Biles went home with two gold medals, a silver and a bronze. YOU GO GIRL!!! By the way, ignore those naysayers. Let your work speak for itself!! GOLDEN CHILD. 

{Source: AP Photo/Yves Logghe}
{Source: AP Photo/Yves Logghe}

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