Kassie’s NFL ReKap, Week 11

Oh boy! Oh boy!! A rare feat. My 9ers AND my Panthers both won this week. My 9ers got a much needed win over the downward spiraling Redskins. Hey! A dubya is a dubya. My Panthers finished another game and squeaked out a win over the Dolphins for their 7th dubya in a row. 7Up for everyone!

Was hoping to get the trifecta. However, Peyton the Broncos could not pull out the win in the always chilly Foxborough. I do not even want to talk about how the game ended. So anti-climatic. Oh and Tom Brady berated another referee but of course no one talked about that yesterday.

The Steelers beat the Browns. The Steelers now actually have a realistic chance of making the playoffs. Told ya’ll. Any Given Sunday. Or Monday. Or Thursday.

Shoutout to fellow Wolfpacker, Tampa Bay QB, Mike Glennon with the dubya. Unfortunately, it was over fellow Wolfpacker Stephen Tulloch’s Lions.

The Vikings and the packers done messed around and couldn’t get right. Their game ended in a tie. *snickers*

The Bears got run over by the Rams. Yeah, those Rams.

The Chargers handed the Chiefs their second lost. Shoutout to fellow Wolfpacker, Chargers QB, Philip Rivers who 27-39 with 392 yards and three TDs. I see you Philly Cheese!

*yawns* The Ravens beat the Jets.

The Cardinals, who are surprisingly and quietly seven and four, mollywopped the Colts. I mean what they did was not even right. Sheesh.

Why is no one talking about the Texans? They have lost nine games straight. This most recent lost was at the hands of the Jaguars. I think I just answered my own question.

The five and six Titans are now back on the playoff hunt with their win over the Raiders. Kool.

The Saints sqoze out a win against the Falcons. Would have been real embarassing if they lost. Maybe next week!

Lastly, the Cowboys beat the Giants. We all know what happens next. Let the annual Dallas December Debacle commence.

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