Stubenville. Again.

In case you are not familiar with the Stubenville case….

Well. Well. Well. As if this story could not get any worse. Today, the news was delivered four ADULTS are being charged with lying or failing to report possible child abuse. Those charged…Stubenville High strength coach Seth Fluharty, volunteer football coach Matthew Belardine, elementary school principal Lynett Gorman and Stubenville SUPERINTENDENT Mike McVey. The Super?! I can think of a lot of words to convey how I feel but I will stick with disgusted. The Super?! I know we have this whole innocent until proven guilty thing in the great US of A. However, knowing what I know about the mockery that centered around the girl’s accusations, I am here for guilty until proven innocent. McVey is officially charged with felony counts of obstructing justice and tampering with evidence and a misdemeanor charge of making a false statement. The Super?!

Then we find out the party where all of this foolishness took place was at Belardine’s house. Talk about a mess. Both sides are pointing the finger at each other. Adults whom kids are suppose to be able to view as role models now have glamour shots downtown. And probably forgotten in all of this is the young woman whose life was completely altered that dreadful night in August 2012 simply because football is worth more than her innocence. I pray this story does not get any worse.

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