Bay Area Implosion

This. Is. Ridiculous.

I have been very busy lately with a lot of projects. As a result, I have been fairly absent from the blog. I apologize. It was not intentional but I am back. And I am back with a vengeance.

Ya’ll I am so annoyed, disappointed and frustrated with the San Francisco 49ers organization. How do we go from being a yard away from a 6th Super Bowl ring to being so out of sorts, order and everything else that we just might be the laughing stock of the league right now? Really, the 9ers? The laughing stock of the league? Let that sink in.

I did not think it could get much worse than the grand exodus that began in winter. Patrick Willis, gone. Frank Gore, gone. Mike Iupati, gone. To a division rival. Anthony Davis, gone. Chris Borland, gone, Justin Smith, “Cowboy” gone. Michael Crabtree, gone. Perish Cox, gone. Chris Culliver, gone.  Jim Harbaugh, “Khaki” gone. And now Aldon Smith, arrested. Again.

Someone please make it stop. For all of the “Faithful” this is like a never ending nightmare. What we once knew just a couple of years ago, shoot I will even say last year because I expect that team to be better than this year’s, is no more. The burning question is why? You will never be able to convince me that this is all coincidence. Something is up. I am not implying that it is anything illegal or against the rules but you do not have that much star power exiting one of the leagues premier organizations without there being a reason. And saying its just business is not the reason.

My thoughts? We all know my feelings about Jed York and Trent Baalke. I think my mama and I could do a better job at running the front office. We know that Baalke allowed his personal feelings to dictate his handling of Harbaugh. He forced out the person who was able to expand upon the foundation that former head coach Mike Singletary built. Once that happened, I knew he needed to relinquish his duties.

For whatever reason, it seems as if the front office wants to rebuild this organization which is baffling. You already had something great working that had more years left in it but you cause division which in turn causes as exodus. I do not get it. And I am seriously considering placing myself on a one year ban from all things San Francisco 49ers related.

Not sure how much more I can take.


P.S. Smith has been cut by the 9ers. If I recall correctly,this is the only time within the past year that I actually agree with a personnel decision. I pray Smith can turn his life around. He needs some help.


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