Bay Area Implosion

This. Is. Ridiculous.

I have been very busy lately with a lot of projects. As a result, I have been fairly absent from the blog. I apologize. It was not intentional but I am back. And I am back with a vengeance.

Ya’ll I am so annoyed, disappointed and frustrated with the San Francisco 49ers organization. How do we go from being a yard away from a 6th Super Bowl ring to being so out of sorts, order and everything else that we just might be the laughing stock of the league right now? Really, the 9ers? The laughing stock of the league? Let that sink in.

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My Niners. My Niners. SMH.

They look like my team. They talk like my team. They don’t play like my team though. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY NINERS???!!! I am not in panic mode but I am in concerned mode. I definitely thought last week was a fluke and that Seattle just got the best of us. However, if I am going to be honest, the red flags were raised during the first game of the season against Green Bay. The defense did not look very cohesive in that game but since it was the first game of the season I was not very concerned. Plus Aaron Rodgers was on the other side of the field and he can light up anyone’s defense.

We have looked horrible. Absolutely horrible the past two games.  I do not know what happened to my team. We are not aggressive. We do not seem very confident on either side of the ball. We are not blocking well. We are not tackling well. I really can not tell you anything we are doing well. Well wait, we ran the ball well yesterday, in the first half. Then we abandoned the run game. Sigh.

Like I said I am not panicking. Oh and we are going to be without Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis on Thursday night against the St. Louis Rams. I am crossing my fingers tight hoping my Niners can show up and remind me why I picked them to win the Super Bowl cause right now we are looking like we are going to be drinking from the punch bowl come January.

Until next time….SIGH.

The NFL Top 100

Last night on the NFL Network, the top 10 players in the league, as voted on by the players, were revealed. They are…

1. Adrian Peterson
2. Peyton Manning
3. Calvin Johnson
4. Tom Brady
5. J.J. Watt
6. Aaron Rodgers
7. Aldon Smith
8. Arian Foster
9. Von Miller
10. Patrick Willis

My thoughts about this list….no surprise that AP was voted number one. He dominated last year despite tearing his ACL near the end of the previous season. Peyton is my number one quarterback but I was a tad surprised that he was the highest ranked quarterback. Guess I know what I am talking about after all when I say “he puts in work.” Rodgers not being in the top three was a shocker. That is all I know to say. Aldon Smith went from not making the list in 2012 to being number seven this year. Talk about respect from your peers. All in all, I think the list is solid. It is easy to sit at home, analyze and critique the list. The players are the ones who go out and play the game every week. Therefore, making them experts on who is the best of the best. Congratulations to all 100 players who made the list. There is no higher compliment than the ones your fellow peers give you. Oh, did you all notice my 9ers have two players in the top 10 :-}??


Until next time…TOODELLS.