Sterling speaks but he ain’t saying nothing!

Wondering why I have not had anything to say about Donald Sterling’s interview? I have not watched it and I do not plan to. I have heard enough soundbites to know all I need to know. The one thing that makes me chuckle is Sterling saying that he “is not a racist.” Sir, yes you are. And it is time for you to own up to it. Nothing you say is going to make us think any different. Not you telling us what you are not. Not you claiming you were coerced into saying what you said. Not you offering up the most ridiculous assessment of Magic Johnson I have ever heard.

Until Sterling can appear on my tv and tell the TRUTH then I do not care what he has to say.


Until next time…TOODELLS.

Enough already!!

If I have to hear the analysts on ESPN discuss LeBron James entering the NBA dunk contest on mo’ time, I am going to scream!!! I might as well get prepared because I know it is coming.

Before the All-Star game, there were complaints from analysts and fans about the lack of “star” power in the dunk contest. During the contest there were complaints, which were warranted, about the lack of “star” power and creative dunks. After the contest, the same thing. However, this has gotten out of hand. Last week, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, created a big stir when he offered James one million dollars to enter the contest. Yep, one million dollars. To dunk. Since then the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant has sweetened the pot by adding $1000, ESPN’s Michael Wilbon has offered up another thousand and ESPN First Take’s great debater Skip Bayless is willing to put in $2,000. Seriously?? The dunk contest is 11 months away!!!! I do not want to hear about this until next February.

Furthermore, why all this pressure to get James to dunk? If he does not want to dunk, that is his prerogative. People are acting like he owes it to us to dunk. He does not. People act like they are surprised the “stars” do not want to participate in the contest. To me the lack of “star” power in the contest is reflective of the NBA itself, watered down. Between the flopping, lack of defense, me-first attitudes and Twitter beefs, the NBA, in my opinion has been on a downhill slope for years. So it does not surprise me when the stars use All-Star weekend to socialize, rest and Instagram pictures. The league is reflective of the generation that is represented in it.

Up until a few weeks ago, I have never been real impressed with James’ creative dunking ability. He is strong and that is reflective of the force in which he throws down his dunks. However, James has been putting on a show in the pre-game warmups with his own personal dunk contest. I have seen a few dunks that are contest worthy and probably would have won the contest for him this year. Wait, I am getting like the analysts. Let me stop. Catch me next February. We can revisit this topic over hot chocolate. For all of you who are craving a great dunk contest, just do what I did, watch the 2000 dunk contest. Best one ever. Two words. Vince Carter.

Enjoy!!! Until next time….TOODELLS!!

The Lake Show…The K True Hollywood Story…


It was like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie…

It was a chilly Friday. I was minding my own business on when I decided to check out the trending topics on Twitter. To my surprise, both Mike Brown and Phil Jackson were trending. If you are a trending topic then something has happened, good or bad. I soon found out that Mike Brown had been fired as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Immediately, that “think” cloud appeared above my head. Come again? Five games into the season and the Lakers now do not have a coach? Definitely did not see that coming. After his not so graceful exit in 2011, it was natural to assume Phil Jackson’s name would be brought up for consideration.

Throughout the entire weekend “sources” reported that Jackson was the front runner and it was essentially his position to turn down. If a camera was following me around, it would have seen me out and about shopping, dining, relaxing, honoring our vets and the brave me and women who serve currently along with frequently checking my phone to see if a new coach had been named. Then Monday morning happened. It started off with my usual routine. Prayer, laying in the bed not wanting to get up, quick check of the weather then turning on the tv to watch SportsCenter. There was breaking news! Yes! As a blogger, it was just what I needed but definitely not what I expected. The Lakers unanimously decided to hire Mike D’Antoni. Here comes that cloud again. Come again? When I went to sleep Sunday night, his name was being thrown around but NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE believed he had a shot at getting the job. If someone tells you they believe he did, they are lying!

So lets break this down. It is not often you hear the word unanimous used when deciding on a coach, especially in the professional ranks. It is well documented that Jackson does not have much of a relationship with Lakers owner Jerry Buss nor his son Jim, the executive VP of player personnel. However, in the world of sports, your personal feelings should not determine how you do business. I was not there when this unanimous decision was being made but it seems to me that the younger Buss may have been driven by the need to exact some personal revenge. I mean what other reason can you give for passing on arguably the greatest coach in NBA history? The man who had already brought you five extra Larry O’Brien trophies? Jackson deserved to be treated with respect regardless of how they felt about it. He had earned that much and more. I was literally SMH.

And so it begins. Another drama filled year on the left coast. Complete with a new coach, players and an NBA legend who was so shocked by the hire that he could not even tweet for two days. Poor Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Get your popcorn ready. This true Hollywood story is only beginning…