The Lake Show…The K True Hollywood Story…


It was like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie…

It was a chilly Friday. I was minding my own business on when I decided to check out the trending topics on Twitter. To my surprise, both Mike Brown and Phil Jackson were trending. If you are a trending topic then something has happened, good or bad. I soon found out that Mike Brown had been fired as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Immediately, that “think” cloud appeared above my head. Come again? Five games into the season and the Lakers now do not have a coach? Definitely did not see that coming. After his not so graceful exit in 2011, it was natural to assume Phil Jackson’s name would be brought up for consideration.

Throughout the entire weekend “sources” reported that Jackson was the front runner and it was essentially his position to turn down. If a camera was following me around, it would have seen me out and about shopping, dining, relaxing, honoring our vets and the brave me and women who serve currently along with frequently checking my phone to see if a new coach had been named. Then Monday morning happened. It started off with my usual routine. Prayer, laying in the bed not wanting to get up, quick check of the weather then turning on the tv to watch SportsCenter. There was breaking news! Yes! As a blogger, it was just what I needed but definitely not what I expected. The Lakers unanimously decided to hire Mike D’Antoni. Here comes that cloud again. Come again? When I went to sleep Sunday night, his name was being thrown around but NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE believed he had a shot at getting the job. If someone tells you they believe he did, they are lying!

So lets break this down. It is not often you hear the word unanimous used when deciding on a coach, especially in the professional ranks. It is well documented that Jackson does not have much of a relationship with Lakers owner Jerry Buss nor his son Jim, the executive VP of player personnel. However, in the world of sports, your personal feelings should not determine how you do business. I was not there when this unanimous decision was being made but it seems to me that the younger Buss may have been driven by the need to exact some personal revenge. I mean what other reason can you give for passing on arguably the greatest coach in NBA history? The man who had already brought you five extra Larry O’Brien trophies? Jackson deserved to be treated with respect regardless of how they felt about it. He had earned that much and more. I was literally SMH.

And so it begins. Another drama filled year on the left coast. Complete with a new coach, players and an NBA legend who was so shocked by the hire that he could not even tweet for two days. Poor Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Get your popcorn ready. This true Hollywood story is only beginning…

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