The problem in New York….

… not Tim Tebow. It is the people running the team. Woody Johnson. Mike Tannenbaum. Rex Ryan. The circus came early this year folks.

All that is taking place within the Jets locker room is disgusting. Feel however you want about  and his football skills. That has nothing to do with the way the man is being treated. It is obvious that Ryan has no control over his locker room and that Johnson is lacking control over his organization. Now while Johnson seems to be your quintessential owner, ie letting the coach run his team, it is apparent that the players have very little respect for the Jets organization.

My mother is a principal. She always taught me that in a leadership position you have to assert yourself early. If you do not do it early then it will be nearly impossible to reel in those who you have been charged to lead, later. All the anonymous talk to the media should be a cause for concern. Not only does that show lack of respect for the organization but it signifies a divided locker room. I think the anonymous talk stems from jealously and pride. Players who are jealous of all the attention Tebow gets. Players who are jealous that he got a chance to be a starting QB even though people felt like he did not deserve a shot. Players who are uncomfortable with a guy who openly expresses his Christian faith. Now that this guy is riding the bench and being made a mockery of they want to take the opportunity to dig the knife in a little deeper. Sad, huh?

Maybe this is how the Jets stay relevant seeing as how they have not been since Broadway Joe declared a Super Bowl victory in 1969. It took discipline, poise and a united front to reach that plateau. Maybe Broadway Joe can come back and teach the current Jets a thing or two or three or four…


Until next time….TOODELLS.

One thought on “The problem in New York….

  1. Kendra

    Great! I may not feel as though Tebow is a great quarterback, I do feel as though he gets a bad wrap because he openly expresses his faith.

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