The Weekender

Another beautiful weekend. Here’s a rekap…
Welp, my 9ers got butchered, sliced, diced, mollywopped, shallacked, killt, all dat by the midgets. Way too much talent on both sides of the ball to get beat like that.

What concussion? That is exactly what RGIII had to be thinking as he led the tataskinz to their first home win of the season.

Russell Wilson was who we have all seem him be, a playmaker. He threw a touchdown pass to Sidney Rice with 1:18 remaining in the game to lead the Seahawks to a 24-23 victory over The Brady Bunch.

Crazy weekend in Major League Baseball. It needs its own rekap…The Washington Nationals suffered a colossial collapse blwing a 7-5 lead in the ninth inning with two outs remaining, allowing the St. Louis Cardinals to advance to the NLCS. The San Francisco Giants defeated the Cincinnati Reds in five games to advance to the NLCS. The New York Yankees advance to the ALCS. And while we are talking about the Yankees, Google Raul Ibanez. What a story! The Detroit Tigers are facing the Yankees in the series. By the way, the Tigers are p 2-0 in the series and the Cards are up 1-0.

The Falcons remain the only undefeated team. The Texans got buried by the Packers.

The LSU Tigers brought the South Carolina Gamecocks back to reality. Sorry chickens.

The Brooklyn Nets made the preseason debut. They beat the Philadelphia 76ers 108-105.

Clint Bowyer won the race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Brad Keselowski maintained his number one spot, barely.

Notre Dame finally beat Standford. The win moved them to number 5 in the AP poll.

No new news in hockey. Defrost already!!

The first BCS standings were released. No real surprise that the SEC holds the top two spots with Alabama and Florida.

Novak Djokovic is back to his winning ways. He took home the title at the China Open.

College basketball teams all across the country celebrated the first day of practice by holding various events. I attended Primetime with the PACK, of course :-}.

The Minnesota Lynx, the WNBA’s defending champs, shockingly loss the first game of the finals to the Indiana fever. Erlana Larkins scored 16 points in the 76-70 victory.

A week after I dropped Jets RB Shonn Greene from my fantasy roster, he goes out and rushes for 161 yards and scores three TDs against the Colts. Really dude?


Working on some gooooood stories. I am excited! Can not wait for ya’ll to read them and offer up your opinions. Until next time…TOODELLS.

The story you probably missed…

Taylor Townsend. A name you need to know. She is the number one ranked junior tennis player in the WORLD. She is the reigning junior girls Australian Open Champion in singles and doubles and she won the junior girls Wimbledon doubles title this summer. Did I mention she is only 16? Impressive, right?

At a time when we should be celebrating a young woman who has a promising future ahead of her, we are forced to deal with ugly issues that the world can not seem to get past:  BODY IMAGE & STEREOTYPES. Yes, you read that right. BODY IMAGE & STEREOTYPES. Townsend, who planned to travel to the US Open last month, was told by the United States Tennis Association(USTA) that they were not going to finance any more tournament appearances for her until she lost weight and got into better shape. Huh? Did I miss something? The first American girl to be ranked number one since the International Tennis Federation(ITF) combined singles and doubles rankings in 2004, was all of a sudden “too big” to compete. Or as Patrick McEnroe, the general manager of the USTA’s player development program so eloquently stated, “Our concern is her long term health, number one and her long term development as a player.” Was that not your concern before hand Mr. McEnroe? As a PR major, I know a “spin” when I see one and that statement may as well be in bold red letters, in all caps!

I know Mr. McEnroe said her health is his main concern but lets be real this issue centers around body image and stereotypes. The fact is, Towsend is not your stereotypical tennis player. She is tall. However, she is not slim or white. She grunts when she hits the ball. And she is black. Reminds you of some tennis players who came before her, huh? While Townsend herself has admitted that she needs to lose some weight and get into better shape, that is the least of my concerns. I have a problem with an entity such as the USTA making a public spectacle out of a 16 year old girl. I have a problem with the USTA telling Townsend, days before she was scheduled to go to the US Open, that she needed lose weight. This same girl played in tournaments all over the globe earlier in the year, in matches that lasted for hours and suddenly she is too out of shape to compete? This same girl who has been attending the USTA’s academy in Florida, where she attends classes and works out with coaches and trainers everyday now has an weight issue?

This story is disturbing. It screams of what is wrong with the world and how people, especially girls and women, are constantly made to feel less than adequate because of their physical stature. We have created this false Barbie doll image and have forced the notion onto people that every woman should look just like her. The reality is MOST women do not look like her. Every woman in this world was not born a size zero and most women in the world will not be a healthy size zero no matter how hard they try. As petite as I am, I am not even a size zero and according to some I am still too small. The fact is women come in all shapes and sizes. Women are tall, small, curvy, slim, blond, brunette, short, the list goes on and on.

It saddens me that instead of celebrating the accomplishments of a young lady, I am having to write about body image and stereotypes. I think the reason this bothers me so much is because at 16, young girls are so impressionable. They are at an age where a person’s words have the power to change the direction of their life, for better or worse. In the media, Towsend seems to be handling the issue with grace and poise. However, I can only wonder how she feels on the inside. I wonder if she feels humiliated. I wonder if she feels ostracized. I wonder if she feels that she is not good enough. I wonder if she thinks the negativity she will have to endure is worth it. At 16, she should not have to feel any of those things because we should be rejoicing over what she has done regardless of how she looks. We should be proud of her number one ranking. We should be applauding her championships. We should be telling her the best is yet to come. We should be telling her that she has potential. We should be encouraging her. We should be her biggest cheerleaders not her biggest critics. We should be rewarding her for her hard work. And if she indeed does need to lose some weight, we need to be right there in her ear telling her that she can do it.  That is what we should be doing. She needs to know that not being a stereotypical tennis player is not a curse. It is a gift… that helps her shine the brightest on a crowded court.


The Weekender


Twitterverse was buzzing about my 49ers last night. Note to all of you who were not fans before hand….we DO NOT do bandwagoners!!

My Panthers handed the Saints there second loss. It is amazing what removing bounties will do to a team.

The NHL is officially in a lockout. The game is ‘on ice’ for the forseeable future.

The Jets ran into A LOT of turbulence in Pittsburgh. Back to life, back to reality.

Rookie QB Russell Wilson picked up his first win on Sunday against the cowboys. *insert huge grin*

The Baltimore Orioles beat the Oakland A’s thus ensuring their first winning season since 1997. The average price for a gallon of gas was $1.22 that year.

Boston Red Sox manager, Bobby Valentine, stuck his foot in his mouth. Again.

Brad Keslowski won the Geico 400 in Chicago. His win puts him in first place in The Chase standings.

Standford proved they do not need ‘Luck’ when they play USC. The Cardinals beat the Trojans for the fourth straight time.

Dwight Howard expressed himself during the ESPN Sunday Conversation and said he does not want anyone to hate him. Hmmm, is that why he took out that ad??

Sam Bradford had a solid performance on Sunday. So did RGIII, who was on the losing end.

My beloved Wolfpack landed one of the top point guards in the nation, Anthony Barber. Welcome to the Pack young fella!

With his win on Saturday night, Ryan Blaney became the youngest person to ever win a NASCAR Truck Series Race. He is 18 years and 8 months old :-}.

Former boxing champs Oscar De La Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez admitted to drug and alcohol abuse in the latter stages of their careers. Thankfully, both have been sober for years.

Eli Manning passed for 510 yards against the Bucs. Even though it is the Bucs, it is still impressive.

The Chicago White Sox won and the Detroit Tigers lost. Chicago is now two games ahead of Detroit in the AL Central division.

Sergio Martinez defeated Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. by unanimous decision Saturday night. If only Chavez Jr.’s rally would have begun in the 11th round, we probably would have had a different outcome.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin was not too pleased with what he deemed “a cheap shot” by Greg Schiano’s Tampa Bay Bucs near the end of regulation. I did not think it was possible for Tom Coughlin to get any redder but booooooooooy was I wrong.


Until next time….TOODELLS.

Oh so random…

They say there is a first time for everything. Welp, I am experiencing another first….blogger’s block. Ugh. I have a few topics that I want to write about but for some reason I just can not seem to get them going. Instead of trying to force it,  I have decided to take another route with this post. So here it is…a plethora of thoughts from Kassie….

1. Ken Griffey, Jr. had the prettiest swing. EVER.

2. As big a sports fan as I am, I have never seen Hoosiers, Bull Durham or Caddyshack. I have seen Blue Chips though.

3. I went to my first North Carolina State football game at the age of 2. I have a reoccurring flashback of me sitting with the family in the upper deck.

4. I was at The Cheesecake Factory in DC about 10 years ago with some friends when all of a sudden a very tall man arose from a table near us. It was Dikembe Mutombo. Before I could even catch myself I yelled out, MUTOMBOOOOOOO! If looks could kill. For that reason alone, he deserves more than two sentences.

5. Earvin “Magic” Johnson does not get the respect he deserves. Dude was a ballerrrrrrr, you hear me?!

6. When I was in middle school, my granddaddy would make me cheese toast for breakfast. I would eat it while watching Scooby Doo then I would turn and watch SportsCenter.

7. Ya’ll know the ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercial with Jay Harris and Larry Fitzgerald, where Larry catches all the stuff that falls in the office? I was with Jay on the day they emailed the script for the commercial to him. I have always thought Larry was a kutie and I told Jay that. About a week later I got a text from a friend that was sent by Jay that said, “Kassaundra, Larry told me to tell you hey.” Yep! That deserved extra sentences.

8. My all time favorite football player is Jerry Rice. Greatest of all time.

9. Quite often during football season, I lose my voice. It is a good thing that I do not have to talk to blog.

10. If you have never been to a Virginia Tech football game, GO!! That ‘Enter Sandman’ intro almost made me tackle someone in the stands.

11. Leave Lance Armstrong alone! He has raised over 500 million for cancer research. That will have a greater impact than anything he has done on a bike.

12. <—–My favorite number so I have got to make this good….44 days until the marathon!!! Have you made your donation :-}??

13. Some of my favorite athlete names…..Milton Bradley, Picabo(pronounced Peekaboo) Street, Tim Biakabutuka, Doug Flutie, Anfernee Hardaway and Alan Kulwicki.

14. I want to go to Soldier Field to see a Chicago Bears home game so I can sing “Bear Down” as loud as I can after the Bears score a touchdown. I love to randomly sing that song, just ask my mama :-}.

15. I keep up with the NBA but I do not like it. Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.

16. Everyone should experience a hockey game. LIVE.

17. I have been trying to learn how to play poker. The only thing I still understand how to flush a toilet.

 18. This year’s baseball playoffs are going to be something special. You heard it here first…..Go Rangers!!

19. I am still giggling at the fact that they kept playing “Lean Back” by Fat Joe at the Broncos game Sunday night. Whoever was in charge of the music needs to not be in charge of the music anymore.

20. Until next time….TOODELLS.

The Weekender

Hi all!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did. High school football on Friday night. College football on Saturday. NFL Football alllllllllll day Sunday. Ready to do it all over again next weekend :-}. Now, onto the what happened this weekend in the sporting world…

My 9ers leaped into Lambeau and came out with a 30-22 win. There are rumors of the cheese melting as a result.

The most asked question going into this NFL season was how is Peyton Manning going to look. I think Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin answered this question best, “He’s Peyton.”

Robert Griffin the 3rd bka RGIII, passed for 320 yards, rushed for 42 yards and threw no interceptions in his debut as he led the tataskinz to a 40-32 win over the Saints. Tataskin Nation had no idea real QB’s still existed.

Serena Williams won her fourth US Open title. She collected a 1.9 million dollar check too.

After not scoring any TD’s in the preseason, the Jets put up 48 on the Bills. That would be very impressive if they were not playing the Bills.

The New York Yankess regained the lead in the AL East with a win over the Orioles. With 22 games left, this division is up for grabs.

My Wolfpack beat UConn 10-7. I know a win is a win but sheesh.

Dr. Shaquille O’Neal is in talks to play in a Mexican Basketball League.  Can he speak Spanish as well as he speaks English :-}??

The Eagles almost got their wings clipped by the BROWNS. Yes, you can laugh.

The University of Louisiana-Monroe pulled off the shocking upset of #8 Arkansas winning 34-31 in OT. The Associated Press rewarded Arkansas with a drop kick right out of the top 25.

Twins Mike and Bob Bryan won the US Open Men’s Double championship. They now have 12 Grand Slam championships, most in the open era.

Washington Nationals pulled the plug on Stephen Strasburg for the year. See you next year kid.

Reggie Miller, Don Barksdale, Jamaal Wilkes, Mel Daniels, Coach Don Nelson, Ralph Sampson, Phil Knight, the All-American Redheads, Chet Walker, Katrina McClain, Lidia Alexeera and Hank Nichols were all inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.  Congrats and two snaps!!

Seahawks rookie QB, Russell Wilson, almost threw a game winning TD in his debut but the pass was dropped in the endzone by Braylon Edwards. New year, same Braylon.

Oscar Pistorius won gold in the Paralympics 400m final. Glad to see him bounce back after the “controversy.”

No update on the potential NHL lockout. Both sides are still frozen in their position.

My assessment of the replacement refs? They need to be replaced.

Clint Bowyer won the race at Richmond. Due to rain, the race literally took all night to finish.

Until next time…TOODELLS

The Weekender

Hello all!! I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. Here is a quick rekap of all the big and not so big sports stories…

Pia Sundhage resigned as coach of the US Women’s Soccer team. 2 snaps and a job well done.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will finally get his statue in Star Plaza outside of the Staples Center. Oh Kareem, if only you had not complained.

Jake Skelton was named the starting QB for the Arizona Cardinals. And just like that, Kevin Kolb becomes the highest paid backup QB EVER.

Eureka College QB, Sam Durley, passed for 736 yards in a win against Knox. Seven hundred and thirty six yards.

Alabama laid the smackdown on Michigan in Texas. I guess everything really is bigger there.

Dwight Howard took out an ad in the Orlando Sentinel expressing his loooooove for the city. Mickey and nem were not impressed.

Maurice Jones-Drew ended his holdout WITHOUT signing a new contract. Did I miss something?

After becoming an overnight, inspirational sensation at the London Olympics, Oscar  Pistorious finished second in the 200m final at the Paralympics. He then complained the winner had an unfair advantage. *crickets*

My Wolfpack failed to show up against Tennessee. Maybe they were looking ahead to the UConn game.

Denny Hamlin won his second race in a row, claiming the checkered flag in Atlanta. Vroom vroom.

Stepping up to the plate with two outs in the ninth inning, the Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones, put one over the wall to give his a team an 8-7 win. Chipper’s chip shot keeps the Braves in the lead for the NL Wild Card spot.

The NFL & NFL Referees Association failed to reach a deal and no new meetings are scheduled. I have a good feeling a few replacement refs will appear in the C’Mon Man segment on Monday Night Countdown next week.

Andy Roddick announced he will retire after the US Open. Kool.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said, “I think Timmy, with all due respect, is better than Joe Montana.” Laughs out loud very loudly.

Labor talks between the NHL and the NHL Players Association have stalled, likely signaling a lockout.  New soap opera coming soon, “As The Ice Melteth.”

Cheyenne Woods, niece of Tiger, won her first LPGA tourney. I wonder if her new slogan is “Tiger, Tiger, he’s the man, if he can not do it, I can!!”


Until next time…TOODELLS.

She knows the game? Yes! She knows the game.

The picture speaks for itself. Kassie is a sports fanatic.

I love attending games. I love watching games. I love keeping up with stats. I love debating sports. I love seeing records being set and records being broken. I love cheering my team on to victory. I am addicted to ESPN. I even have an ESPN banner hanging in my living room. I love everything about sports. Well, almost everything. I can do without the lying, cheating and deception but hey that is the world we live in.

For years, I have gotten compliments on my vast knowledge of sports. Just a few of weeks ago a schoolmate of mine, Larry, said to me, ” girl you need to get a job covering/writing for some sort of sports network or paper. I think it’s your calling to bring the facts while at the same time getting under the skin of the opposition! It’s what you’re great at!” I’ve heard that plenty of times before but for some reason, on that particular day the wheels started churning. And churning. And churning. Until a solution was churned out….this blog :-}.

My love and knowledge of sports classifies me as rare. It is not often you will find a lady that wears 5.5 inch heels who can name all the members of the Dream Team, knows all the words to the Chicago Bears Fight Song, Bear Down, can quote famous rants by Allen Iverson, Jim Mora, Dennis Green & Herm Edwards or can get into a car and show you how Dale Earnhardt, Sr. celebrated his one and only Dayotona 500 win. Don’t worry Ma, I have never done that ;-}. I have dreams of sitting at the debate desk on ESPN’s First Take. I have dreams of providing coverage of the SuperBowl from the sideline. I have dreams of being in Rio in 2016 for the Olympics as not only a fan but a commentator. I want to sit down one day and have a talk with Jerry Rice. I want to meet Josh Hamilton one day and tell him how much he inspires me. I want to play catch one day with Peyton Manning. I want to have some kool stories to tell my future children so they can tell all their friends and I’ll be deemed the “Kool Mama.” Today is the day I begin turning those dreams into reality.

As the years have passed by, I have come to the realization that my love for sports is part of who I am. Always have. Always will be. The fact that I am a woman, just helps me stand out in the crowd.