Destiny Fulfilled. Boston Strong.

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95 years ago, thousand and thousands of Boston’s loudest, boisterous and proudest fans packed in to famed Fenway Park to cheer their beloved Boston Red Sox on to a World Series victory. 95 years later, the faces have changed but thousand and thousands of fans that are packed into Fenway are just as loud, boisterous and proud as their ancestors.

The road to the World Series title was about as smooth as a Nestle Crunch.  In August of last year, the Red Sox unloaded their roster and sent Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Punto to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  When the season ended, the Red Sox were in last place. Expectations coming into this season were high but not many were putting their chips on the Sox being the ones standing at the end.

{Source: The Boston Globe}
{Source: The Boston Globe}


And then it happened. April 15. The City of Boston was rocked to its core by two bombs at an event that is the crem de la crem of distance running, the Boston Marathon. The world watched, grief stricken, as chaos ensued. The world watched as people ran away from the point of attack with tears streaming down their faces. The world watched not fully knowing what had just happened and who was responsible.



Five days later, while the world was still sorting through details, the Red Sox made a statement and it was a big, bold statement that came in the form of David “Big Papi” Ortiz. During a pregame celebration, Ortiz declared that “This is our ******* city. And nobody is going to dictate our freedom. Stay strong.” And from the infield that day rose a moniker that has been synonymous with all things good in Boston this year, BostonStrong. The Boston Bruins rode the momentum into the Stanley Cup final. The New England Patriots have rode the momentum to a 6-2 record, despite many of their starters being on the bench with season ending injuries. And of course, the Red Sox rode the momentum all the way to a World Series clinching victory. At home. At Fenway Park.

The Red Sox did it together. They did it as a family. They did it for Boston. And as the celebration began last night, dozens of fans raced up Boylston Street in Boston to celebrate at the placed that was robbed of its celebration in April, the Boston Marathon finish line. Last night in Boston and for weeks, months and years to come, it will be about more than just a World Series. It is about more than a ring. It is about more than 95 years. It is about a city that rose from the ashes in the midst of adversity. A city that refused to be defeated. A city that refused to be weakened by the cowardly act of others. It is about Destiny Fulfilled. The BostonStrong way.


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{Source: The Boston Globe}
{Source: The Boston Globe}


{Source: The Boston Globe}
{Source: The Boston Globe}



The Mecca of Sports…Boston??

So on the real, I think we have all been sleeping on the greatness of Boston sports in the past decade. This region has been dominating all over the professional map. Did you realize that since 2004, the New England Patriots have won the Superbowl, the Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup(2011), the Boston Celtics have won the NBA Championship(2008) and the Boston Red Sox have won the Word Series twice(2004 & 2007) and can clinch their third in 10 years tonight??!! Crazyyyyyyyyy. Boston is one of those cities that seems to be real laid back. That is just me judging from afar since I have never been. It does not get the shine that cities like LA, New York, Atlanta and Miami do. It is not a flashy town but I do love, love, loooooove the city for giving me New Edition and New Kids on the Block. Oh and Mark Wahlberg. I cannot forget about Marky Mark. Let the Sox get this ring, you can betcha by golly wow that I will be getting me a Boston Strong shirt.


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Oh, you don’t watch hockey??

What an entertaining night of television last night. No, I was not watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. No, I was not watching Stephen Let’s Under the Dome. No, I was not watching You Got Served. I, of course, was tuned in to game six of the Stanley Cup Final. If you are a true sports fanatic, then this is a series you should have been watching since game one. I mean how often do you think you will see a playoff hockey game go into three overtimes, like game one did? Three of the first four games in the series went into overtime. That series was truly one for the record books.

Last night, the Chicago Blackhawks entered game six with a 3-2 lead over the Boston Bruins in the series. The Bruins were looking to win the game, tie the series and send the series back to Chicago for a decisive game seven. With about one minute and 30 seconds left, the Bruins dream looked like it would soon become reality. Notice the word looked. The Blackhawks, a team that had faced numerous deficits throughout the playoffs, found the strength to dig deep once more. With one minute and 17 seconds left in regulation, the Blackhawks Bryan Bickell snuck the puck in past the Bruins goalie, Tuukka Rask, to tie the game. With 67 seconds left, overtime is inevitable, right?

Wrong!! 17 seconds later, the Blackhawks, Dave Bolland, hits the back of the net to put the Blackhawks up 3-2, silencing the fans gathered at the TD Garden. With no miracle under the skates, the Bruins were unable to score and the Blackhawks captured their second Stanley Cup in the last four years.

I know a lot of you do not like hockey, mainly because you do not understand the rules. I am no expert when it comes to the rules but I find the game to be very enjoyable to watch especially during the playoffs. My hand-eye coordination is not the greatest, hence the reason I did not play softball pass eighth grade, so I am always amazed how hockey players keep up with that little puck. Couple that with the fact that they are doing this while on ice skates and trying to avoid, to some extent, getting into a fight with a player from the opposing team, you have one heck of a sport on your hands.

If you have never been to a hockey game, give it a try. The game is very exciting and there is constant movement. You may not understand what is going on. You may be clueless about a power play. You may not comprehend why they can fight and not get ejected. If you can understand that one team has to get the little black puck past the other team’s goalie to score, then you are well on your way to grasping the sport of hockey. So, give it a try! I promise it is worth it, especially when the playoffs come back around. Just ask my cousin TJ.

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks!!!

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What I am thinking…

Just a few little random thoughts from yours truly…


1. If the Miami Heat lose tonight, which I believe they will, LeBron James is going to catch slander like we have never seen before. The 27 game win streak, the MVP and the domination from him we have seen throughout the playoffs will not matter to most critics and analysts. We are going to hear that he did not get the job done, he did not show up when it mattered most and that he choked once again. As much as the LeBron slander annoys me, I will say that he has seemed off during these finals. His drive and passion to win another ring just does not seem as prevalent as it was last year. Maybe it is because he already has a ring. Maybe it is because he thought getting past the San Antonio Spurs would be easy. And maybe, just maybe, he does not have “it” at all times.

2. When the Spurs win this fifth ring, can we now enter Greg Popovich into the discuss of the greatest coaches ever? I promise you that he does not get enough respect. Let me rephrase that, he does not get a lot of exposure. I think that is because of the market he is in and the team he coaches. The Spurs have long been considered “boring” but I think they have dispelled that myth with this playoff run. Pop gets the most out of his players. I mean who would have ever thought the Spurs would gain a second “Big 3” in the Finals: Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal and Danny Green. That Greg Popovich man. Genius.

3. Is Tiger ever going to win another major? Every time it looks like this might be the tournament he break though, he does not. It is a struggle watching him constantly finish anywhere other than first. If only he would have left those women alone…

4. I really hope the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup. That will be great for that city after this year’s tragedy. Go Bruins!! #BostonStrong

5. Let me just say this whole Jason Kidd coaching the Nets baffles me, still. It is the Nets though. *Kanye shrug*

6. The WOLFPACK baseball team has started off strong in Omaha. Thrashed the smerfs. UCLA up next. LETS GO #PACK9!!

7. 79 days until the NFL Season starts!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!


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