The Minnesota Wake-Up Call: Pray for AP

Now ya’ll know I do not normally blog on Saturdays but ya’ll are working my nerves with this Adrian Peterson story. So here goes my two cents…

Right now, I could care less if AP just found out about this child two months ago or two weeks ago, A CHILD IS DEAD!!! Right now, I could care less if AP was cheating on his fiance whom he has been in a relationship with since college, A CHILD IS DEAD! Right now, I could care less if AP decides to play tomorrow against the Panthers, A CHILD IS DEAD! A CHILD IS DEAD PEOPLE! Instead of focusing on this fact, all I have seen people do is argue and bicker about who is responsible for the child’s death. Are ya’ll serious right now? Ultimately, the blame is with Joseph Patterson, the man accused of beating the young child. I have seen people blaming the mother because supposedly she knew about his past which included prior abuse of children. If that is true, then yes the mother is to blame as well for endangering her child, knowingly. I have seen people blaming AP for not being a present father in the child’s life. When I first heard the news, one of the first stories I read stated that the son was one that AP just recently found out about that lived in South Dakota. I do not know how everyone else missed this because I was stunned to see so many memes and pictures of AP with his son, Adrian Jr, whom I am almost positive is more than two years old and lives with him. Ya’ll know how people are though. Folks heard the story and ran with it…ran all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with pictures of the son that is alive and well. SMH.

It would be great if we could live in a world where people did not jump to conclusions. Yes, it seems as if AP had a child that no one or very few people knew about. Again, it has been reported that AP only found out about the child recently. To assume that AP is a “deadbeat or absentee father” because he met the child on his deathbed is ridiculous. None of us knows why he just met the child. At two years of age, children are very much coming into their own identity and to insert a “stranger” into the mix that will be around for the rest of the child’s life is a tedious process. 

I have seen people accuse AP of not grieving because he has said he will play in the game versus the Panthers. How do you know he is not grieving? How do you know football is not an outlet for him? How do you know that he is not experiencing a wide range of emotions so instead of getting caught up in them, he has decided to partake in the one thing that is familiar to him? The funny thing is that if he was openly weeping and mourning, people would be accusing him of being fake and phony because he just met the child. He can not win.

Honestly, I do not care to know the details of the situation. AP made that bed and has to sleep in it. Regardless, it does not change the fact that A CHILD IS DEAD! An innocent little baby boy.  Instead of pointing fingers, I will continue to do what I have done since I heard the news yesterday: pray for AP, his family, all those involved and children everywhere. It is the least I can do.


REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE LITTLE BABY BOY. You are now in the place where you can never be harmed again.



2 thoughts on “The Minnesota Wake-Up Call: Pray for AP

  1. Alina Henderson

    Very well said! I never heard the “other” stories. I only read of his son being in critical condition and later of his passing. AP has always been a staple on my fantasy team (until this year when he was stolen from me) and I’ve come to love him as a “Fan Mama” so this story really broke my heart. Like you said, no matter what the details a child is dead and prayer is the only thing that’s in order!

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